Flight 17: But how DID it fall from the sky?

Screenshot 2014-07-17 13.34.01Here we go again . . . Poor Malaysian Airlines. Why are they the patsies?

My question: so how do they KNOW that it was shot down by a missile? Is there evidence on the ground? Seems that they had that “cause” sewed up way too immediately to be the real deal.

Of course McCain started fulminating about Russia. And of course, at first the NYT said that Russia did it (and then within minutes, took that particular story down — sure wish I had grabbed a screen shot!.) Russia, the separatists, and Ukraine, all deny that they did it.

It fell from the sky on 7/17/2014 (2014, adding digits, reduces to 7), Flight 17remember Lagarde’s numerology speech? — another Boeing 777, this one a flight to Kuala Lumpur rather than from Kuala Lumpur. Some commentators even say it might be the same plane as the never found Flight 370, suddenly materializing, and then conveniently shot down before any of the passengers could talk.

A savvy friend of mine thinks Russia DID do it. But why on earth would they want to give the U.S. an excuse to go to war? I don’t buy it.

I wonder if it was a U.S./NATO false flag event, a directed energy weapon of some kind that brought the plane down, conveniently straddling Ukraine and Russia; both the location and timing are provocative — as is the jump to conclusion that it was a (Russian made?) missile that brought it down. Yep! Stirring up yet another MYSTERY that will stir up all the players to the boiling point and cover the tracks of the huge unfolding economic changeover that just started two days ago with the BRICs. Also convenient timing, in that Putin was out of Russia.


I’d like to do an astrology chart for this crash, if I could but find the exact time it crashed . . . If around 11 A.M. EDT, then definitely a Mars/Eris/Uranus event, straddling the vertical axis of the chart. Perfect flashing set-up for war.

Breathe, everybody, meditate, calm the atmosphere down. We can do it.





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  1. Is any of the Asian Trust – Dragon Family gold stored in Malaysia: http://tinyurl.com/nbxub4r ?

  2. Oscar Herrera says:

    I watch Japanese news today in the morning and they said engine trouble not shot down by Russia or ProRussian fighters !!

    • These aircraft can fly on one operating engine. A catastrophic engine failure is improbable, a dual catastrophic engine failure is too implausible for me at least, to even consider. I sense there’s a message being delivered and it has to do with western banking hegemony into the Ukraine through terrorism.

  3. I guess we will know in the next few days what’s up with this one. Great post.

    • Maybe . . . Or it might be like Flight 370, the “mystery” drawn out to keep the sheeple entranced and ignoring what’s going on elsewhere that is showing Empire’s fading glory. Especially the unrolling financial transformation.

      • Well, St. Germain said the people on the flight were saved by Sananda and that they would come back to tell everyone one day soon. Perhaps that is the deal? (This was channeled but I’m not taking it seriously, trying to be funny.) Something is going on, I feel it, the last few nights I have been having extraordinary dream time events and when I wake up I remember them. Or it could be getting us ready for something spectacular like disclosure?

  4. ksense says:

    “They” say it was shot down so I’ll do a 180 lookaround and will be on the right track. Whatever ‘they’ say, trust in the opposite, if you must trust.

  5. giffstar says:

    Mountain Astrologer has a chart on their website.

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