Contaminate Thy Brain department — if you dare!

It’s true. I feel like I just stood in a very long line at the supermarket reading trashy tabloids on the sly. (Something I used to do, in fact I’d deliberately get in the longest line.) Awful feeling of contamination. A huge need to dislodge the entire mess, but not before making it part of the deep background of my comprehension of the past and future of at least this timeline that “they” would like to keep us on as we march, robotically, stoney faces locked on our devices, towards the cliff.

First this, via Rose, who recommended it:

A detailed, apparently well researched perspective on the deep Nazi roots of the current fascist U.S. takeover, including George H.W. Bush name change. Much more.

This next one, via both jhaines and shiftfrequency, I couldn’t stop listening to, even though it was long and involved. The parts about the Bay Area, Berkeley, its historical control of nuclear weapons facilities across the U.S., CIA connections, Janet Napolitano as new U.C. President, international military exercises on the Berkeley campus, “gangstalking,” massive low level chemtrailing of a gas that disperses in six seconds — fascinating. So astonishing, the thoroughgoing way “they” go about trying to make us theirs. Her advice at the end disappointed me. She speaks of always being in alignment with what is correct yourself, but for her that means protect yourself and your family and network from what’s coming so you can survive it. (I.e., a reactive, rather than proactive stance, at least to my mind). She assumes the fascist one world takeover can’t be stopped.


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann…I find your analogy regarding supermarket ‘trash rags’ noteworthy… especially upon
    consideration of the correlation between ‘rag’ release of ‘sensational’ fodder and later main-stream media release of said fodder as ‘news’; an observation that supports the theory that ‘rags’ and ‘real'(?) news are offered up by the same puppeteers.

    As with most sources of information, “the pictures are often worth a thousand words” and at times
    engender a sort of poignant compassion for the subject caught in the ‘bulls-eye’ frame and perhaps
    even a grudgingly-given quasi ‘pass’…the universal “glad that’s not me” reaction.

    Thus what may initially feel like ‘contamination’ may at some esoterically subliminal level actually
    offer the opportunity for compassion and another more uplifting thought that…maybe, just maybe, we mere mortals truly are hard-wired for forgiveness.

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