Charlie McGrath: "What in hell is going on at J.P. Morgan?"

Remember that J.P. Morgan gets insurance money for every employee that “accidentally” dies. (Reminds me of 2008, when we discovered that big banks were betting against mortgage loans that they originated.) Does this account for what’s going on? Of course not. But it does point to the bad smell. Nor does Charlie McGrath mention it, focusing on how the “suicided” undercurrents point to some kind of financial turmoil that we don’t know about — yet.

Three more J.P. Morgan IT Deaths Include Alleged Murder-Suicide

Meanwhile, just as expansive Jupiter moves into kingly, creative Leo, the BRICs sign their huge deal to create a development bank. Most likely this will nudge the world further on the road to getting rid of the formerly almighty dollar as world’s reserve currency.

Move over, old world, make room for the new.


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