NSA Utah Data Center: What's really goin' on (down) there?

Photo taken by the Electronic Frontier Foundation Blimp, due to become iconic.

Photo taken by the “Illegal Spying Below” blimp, due to become iconic.

Here’s the blimp, to me a deliciously in-your-face creative joint project by the EFF, Greenpeace, and the 10th Amendment Center, early Friday morning, June 27.

Reading through the following post made me even more curious about this massive new NSA Bluffdale Utah data center. Let’s see now. How much did the construction of the center to spy on all Americans (and everybody else in the world) cost American taxpayers? Or was it funded by the SSG Black Ops Budget drug money. (Wikipedia: it cost $1.5 billion.) Hmmm. It’s supposedly connected to a fairly new (built in the ’90s) DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) in Richdale? (And how much did that cost? See Katherine Austin Fitts interview, where she basically says that the economy won’t crash because there’s an enormous black budget that funds all these secret military projects that we don’t and can’t, know about — like this one.) Okay. Where is Richdale?

Green A balloon is Bluffdale. Red is Richdale.

Green A balloon is Bluffdale. Red is Richdale.

Wow, slightly northeast of Salt Lake City! So can you enter the DUMB via the Mormon Tabernacle? Just kidding.

A DUMB under Salt Lake. A clandestine city under a city, which likely comes in at around 4 million cubic feet. Did people above hear “booms” during its construction?

And whatever happened to the possibility of simply shutting off the water to the Center? A brilliant idea, to shoot an arrow into NSA’s Achilles Heel.

Whatever this is, it ain’t over yet. Even if the friggin’ nasty aliens think they’re runnin’ the show, they aren’t.

Secret Space War: Who Runs the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale?



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  1. The rumor out there is that it is not there to store our data but rather is the brand new internet system they have created for when they take down what we have now and we lose all control…Hummmm? VK

  2. ksense says:

    There’s that Sandy word again…….. on the map.

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