Scientology: Test Case for the NSA? Or is Scientology "just" a tiny fractal —

— of this unholy End of an Age pattern of simulating reality while completely disconnecting from Nature.

Neither, you say?

Okay, okay. I did put a wildly off-base title on this post. Or did I? Both are religions, with NSA the religion of the State. Both are surveillance organizations, with Scientology actually ahead of the NSA, given that it not just hypnotizes with mind control techniques, but pries out secrets from those it seduces and makes them pay for the privilege! — and of course, just like the NSA, stores those secrets for possible blackmail later. Oh wait! We pay for the privilege with the NSA too, via every electronic device we purchase, including our cars.

Does Nature have secrets? Does Nature need secrets? NO.

“Why does it have to be pretending that is always taking place — this very special pattern in the weave of our life.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein




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