Now that we're on their bloody, obscene trails, how do we bring them to justice?

And yes, WHOSE justice, since judges and others in the court system of the Matrix are implicated? Kevin Annett has one answer.

UnknownThis most recent article from the ITCCS is so sickening that I can barely look at it, much less read it. Its “hunting parties” info confirms sections of the memoirs of MK Ultra mind control victims in both Trance Formation of America and Thanks for the Memories. I read the first one over a dozen years ago and shut down in denial. I read the second as a pdf doc off the internet that I printed out about four years ago, and it’s even more compelling. The parallels between the two women’s experiences are what convinced me that both were real.

Next: the spotlight on child mind control, sexual and other abuse, trafficking, and murder, both ritualized and for “sport,” must move to the U.S. — and not just priests, sports figures, and Boy Scout masters, but politicos and Hollywood.

Who’s really behind child trafficking? Following the big money across the globe.

Meanwhile, I now, finally, begin to grok Jean Haines, her insistent, urgent focus on understanding and establishing “Common Law.” The article she wrote today makes a huge amount of sense to me.

From ~Jean: Common Law: What I have learned from reading, listening, and talking with some amazing people — to whom I am grateful 🙂



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