Chris Hedges: Israel's Latest ongoing attack on Palestine illustrates how they have become the ones who oppressed them.



An unconscious pattern, this becoming what we most fear and hate in ourselves; this age-old all-too-human habit of projecting aversion (or desire!) out, turning others to stone, or into shining suns, with our judgments. This happens to be the principal archetypal pattern that each of us must become intensely aware of, lest we be silently, stealthily captured by our own Shadow and morph into the monster under the bed.

I’ve had to do this, many times: realize that the person or situation I so intensely like or dislike functions (for me) as a projection screen for an unacknowledged part of myself. Each time I realize this, I sigh in relief. Each time, this recognition means that I can cancel the endless, dreary drama of starting up the fight, or the “love affair” — before it even begins!. I am left with even more of myself. And that feels good. Yes. Let us, always, expand to include what appears as “the opposite,” if we wish to endlessly unfold the mysteries of our own nature.

As for Israel now, we who sit safely by, shaking our heads and grimacing at the slaughter, notes Chris Hedges, unless we pay attention and stop the 3.1 billion annual dollars that the USG funnels to military contractors for military “aid” to Israel, are complicit. Can we stop it? Yes. We already stopped the same in South Africa. Read on:

Israel is Captive to Its Destructive Process


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