Still releasing gunk . . .

stock-photo-a-cartoon-of-a-sick-woman-with-a-thermometer-in-her-mouth-89619565Still abed. Puppy Shadow, thank you folk! gets to do his daily walks with neighbors. Update: no fever, but lung gunk, especially lung gunk, and general weakness, lack of energy . . .

Good omen. The 98.6° temp.

And you know, I still, still, have not allowed myself to fully immerse into this illness, though I know that’s what I need to do. Instead, I just watched Phil Schneider’s last talk, in 1995, about the NWO, the short, human/alien war under Dulce, nasty alien overseers, and Deep Underground Bases. As for the bases, I documented them here in 2011:

Dumb and Dumber: Deep Underground Military Bases

— and when I just went to look at this piece now, three years later, I notice the map I had up has been removed and that the transcript up there is of the same talk I listened to today. Here’s what I remember from my dozing off and on during the talk about the DUMBs:

Where are they? under military bases —131 of them under the U.S. as deep as two miles down, all connected by narrow, two or four lane roads and a high speed train that reaches from one coast to another in 1.5 hours (!), average size 4 million cubic feet; one base underneath Iceland, being built in 1995 by the U.N., is over 80 million cubic feet).

In the Q & A, someone asked how could all this remain secret when some of the bases have as many as 10,000 people working in them? The usual answer: money, and threat of murder. Schneider, according to his ex-wife, was murdered, shortly after this lecture and prior to writing a book with a co-author about the NWO.

As Gordon Duff, said in a 2012 piece, he used to think Schneider was crazy, now he knows he’s not; 70% of what Schneider spoke of Duff has confirmed.

So you might say the military gunk deep in the earth parallels the knowledge of that gunk in my mind parallels or gunks up with that in my body . . .

Usually I am able to look, slightly askance, my skeptical eyes wide open, at all this gunky stuff with a light heart, no matter what. Not today.

Oops! Something just happened to change that. I notice that the tee shirt I carelessly threw over my nightgown after I showered last night is my well-worn Area 51 shirt, with aliens saying, “We don’t need no friggin’ papers!” Okay! I can laugh again. And I will. And I just did.

As I laugh, I feel energy turn, begin to return.





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  1. ksense says:

    Ann. have you tried grounding, even at night?

    • Yeah, I lie on a ground half-sheet at night and a grounding pad for my desk. It does help. Thanks! Also got some orgonite pucks which help with wi-fi. This morning I spent a few minutes barefoot in the garden . . .

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