Oops! Spoke too soon. Fever back.

stock-photo-a-cartoon-of-a-sick-woman-with-a-thermometer-in-her-mouth-89619565Cockiness is always a bad idea . . .

Fever back, a bit lower than two days ago, 99.2°, but still not “normal.” I knew I was feverish before I inserted the glass tube in my mouth. Not because I feel hot, but because I feel off. Very off. Any elevation in temperature throws my entire biosystem out of whack. Just that: a tiny change in my “temperature,” and all plans scratched, all pleasures foregone. No taiji workshop this weekend. Can’t even take puppy Shadow for his daily walk. Will have to rely on others again today. Interesting.

The parallels between my own strange, dizzying malaise, and that of the planet as it heats are unmistakable.


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  1. bumpercrop says:

    Take care of yourself, sweet sister. Over heating of the mind, due to sincere and loving concern for all sentients, has brought you a fever.. This is a perfect “excuse” for doing absolutely nothing, and going within to commune with Creator(s).
    Please take good care of yourself. Drinks lots of liquids, and take time to rest deeply. This is a perfect “excuse” for doing absolutely nothing, and
    going within to nurture yourself. and commune with Creator(s).
    I send a large pot of homemade healing, vegetable soup, to the kitchen of your spirit.
    Your unique and creative work is admired and appreciated.

  2. ksense says:

    Today’s Oracle Report says “A fever often stirs.” http://www.oraclereport.com/

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