Fever dreams, immigrants, osterizers, and resilience — no matter what.

stock-photo-a-cartoon-of-a-sick-woman-with-a-thermometer-in-her-mouth-89619565Yesterday, for the first time in at least a dozen years, I was “sick.” By this I mean, I was “running a temperature,” “had a fever.” Somewhere around 99.6° to 99.9° all day. And of course, the accompanying aches and pains, plus the sense of ABSOLUTELY NO ENERGY, no drive, no will, no connection with the world save for brief feverish flashes when I felt driven to “get to the bottom” of the so-called “immigration crisis” on our southern border.

What got me going in the first place was how unaccompanied minors could be crossing the border. What parents would let their children do this? Were the parents “giving” their children away? Were the children stolen from their parents?

Then, lying in bed as usual, and in between periodic naps, drinks of water and herbal tinctures, I read this story:

Child Theft: The Real Story behind the Immigrant Children

and then this one:

Feds advertised jobs in JANUARY for “escorts” for 65,000 illegal alien children to be “resettled”

Put these stories in context with current news about child trafficking and pedophilia at the highest political levels in Britain — not yet to be outed in the U.S. —

Congress Knows about Government-Sponsored Child Trafficking and its Relationship to Present Immigration Crisis

— and one shudders at what at least some of these children will be used for here. If you don’t believe me, read Trance Formation of America or Thanks for the Memories, accounts by two women mind-controlled as children to serve the mighty in various nefarious ways.

Two hours later, BINGO! See this:


Then, of course, last night, I read a final story, which, in my still feverish haze, I forgot to save, and can’t remember source — about how all 265,000 immigrant children have now been resettled with relatives in the U.S. (something like that; I may have gotten the numbers wrong, but it was a high number, and the gist is there). HUH! Already?

Oh yeah, right . . .

So that’s when I figured that the whole thing was a complete crock, and went back to sleep.

But of course, even if the story we’re being told is a complete crock doesn’t matter. What matters to the “New World Order” of Agenda 21 is to dissolve the borders between nations on its way to centralized global government. So this current drama achieves several purposes, among them: increases social and racial tensions (and thus the need for more “safety,” more control — more police, Homeland Security personnel, private prisons, FEMA camps, etc.); calls out freedom and liberty gun-toting nuts to give them something to rail against (controlled opposition); further aggravates already frayed “education,” “health” and “welfare” programs; increases unemployment, fear, desperation, and so on. So this year’s drama at the southern border involving unaccompanied children from Central America is another distracting, tearjerker psyop they throw to us sheeple who still want, desperately, to believe, at the very least, that people actually mean what they say.

Meanwhile, the fact that a rise of only 1° in temperature in my body could produce such effects on my entire system — no energy, aches and pains, and another one, clumsiness: I broke my glass Osterizer container when wanting to prepare myself a green drink. I BROKE IT! Yech! —

stock-vector-sick-planet-earth-wearing-an-ice-pack-a-thermometer-50229244-1Yes, it does make me think about the analogy of the human body to the Earth’s biosphere. If only 1° of difference throws my entire system into a kind of chaos, whirling it out of the context in which it was interconnected, then what happens when Earth starts to heat up, as it is now?

Well, we might say, it all depends. Last night also happened to be the first night that one of my two new housemates, Katarina, an herbalist in her twenties, finally moved in. She has an Osterizer. Not only that, but Rebecca, my neighbor next door, has one. And the young woman that has been helping me get ready for changes in this house, Michaele, not only tried to find a new glass container at Target, but when she failed, brought me the one from her house. So that’s three of them, when we pool our resources. And we will need to pool our resources more and more as time skids and races on in this era when all bets are off and only those who learn how to juggle lots of balls, and dance alone and together with others, survive — or not! Perhaps no one survives this era, certainly not in the long run. So if we’re at an End-of-the-World party, let’s make it a good one, huh?

Meanwhile, back to current choices. In order to become more resilient in my own life, I decided to take in housemates. Even on the one day when I felt alone, cut off by illness from all that I usually value, I wasn’t alone. Not only did Katarina move in, but Michaele and Rebecca both stopped by, and my son Colin also offered to come by. “Just let me know, Mom, I’ll get you anything you need.” The Earth, as she heats up, isn’t alone either. She lives in a cosmic context, we must remember. Earth is a heavenly body, in mysterious communion with the universe.

If this sounds like the manic dream of one who just woke up after a long night of off and on sleep plus coughing, but who has now conquered her fever and is BACK among the living, it is.

Oh and BTW, of course, given my paranoid mind-set, I wondered if chemtrails were making me sick. For at least 20 years now I’ve had a dry cough, minor, but real. Once or twice a day, an itch in the throat that lasts a few minutes and produces coughing. Now that I had the “fever,” my cough turned wet, productive. Perhaps I’m at last getting all the accumulated gunk out of my lungs?

And BTW again, have you noticed how many people speak with a kind of raspy, croaky voice? So many! And not just old people. Is that chem trail related?







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  1. ksense says:

    Ann, I’ve noticed the raspy voice in many strangers. My mother, who never smoked has had to constantly clear her throat or cough for about 15 years. Since quitting cigarettes, I no longer have to clear my throat or cough but my voice seems raspier. I thought it might be just imagination but now that you mention it…………

    I read a ‘channeled’ message recently that our throat chakras are being affected. On the immigration front I think you’re correct. Something doesn’t add up and it’s more than likely all just a crock like you said, designed to keep us arguing and unfocused, perhaps?

    • Yep, I’d say. Arguing, unfocused, dazed and confused. One interesting change I’ve noticed in myself: instead of trying to dig deeply into any false flag event, wanting to know WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, as soon as I can identify any piece of “news” as “false flag,” I tend to move on. That way, whatever the confusion, I’m not so infected.

      Also, it may be that different “time-lines” yield different causal chains, all of them real, in their own parallel worlds . . .

  2. Cindy W. says:

    And yet in spite of the arguing/unfocused/dazed/confused, I still notice what Laura B. talks about – that you can shift energy if you hold intention in the confusion. I just had an experience where a loved one seemed to be heading for the “dark side” energy. I sent him a letter and said basically “I can’t go there,” and today when I talked with him, he said, “I’m not sure I want to [do the thing I was worried he was going to do, which was negative.”] Happy to read you have new housemate – I had a young couchsurfer from Europe in my house out of the blue last week – not sure he’ll ever come back, but that was a first for me & inspired my California friend to sign her house up for Air BnB!

    • Yes, AirB&B is another option, and can help pay the rent. But zoning laws may be an issue. An even better possible option for me, given the projects we’ve got going, is Woofers, young people who do internships in a place for a certain amount of time where they learn hands’ on permaculture skills and get room and board. But for now, I opted for Katarina!

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