Educate Ourselves Department, MONEY: History and Function of the Federal Reserve OR, quitting money altogether.

I read William Greider’s thick tome, Secrets of the Temple, all about the Federal Reserve at least 15 years ago; back then its revelations and conclusions were so shocking that I immediately went into denial. No more. I imagine I’ll be able to swallow James Corbett’s new feature length documentary on this same infernal institution whole, and plan to do so, this very evening.

If you don’t have 90 minutes to spare, you might watch a 14-minute interview with William Greider, instead.

Or, if you want to bypass all this arcane abstract discussion about the institution that for the past one hundred years creates/ funnels/holds/releases/gets back in spades what we make up out of nothing and agree that it’s real and controls our lives, you might want read the book I’m currently devouring, The Man Who Quit Money, about Daniel Suelo, his decision to completely let go of money. An extraordinary story about one man’s solo decision and final plunge into moneyless living, after a lifetime of penetrating layer by layer into the nature of the real. Since 2000, when he left his life savings ($30) in a phone booth, Suelo surrendered to his goal, turning his entire life into a testament to the gift economy embedded in the natural world.





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