Wilcock and Fulford weigh in on current events: mass arrests impending?

Thunderstorm wallpaper. Image: basibias.com

Thunderstorm wallpaper. Image: basibias.com

Maybe we should say, instead, energetic currents that generate events? In any case, there’s no denying it, anybody that is not brain-dead is feeling an increasing sense of impending something-or-other, and I don’t think that’s just me talking from here on a gloomy stormy evening that flashes with lightning and rumbles with thunder. Though that IS a very good analogy to my sense of the strong feelings swirling around the globe — and precipitating into rumors, innuendos, strange tales and predictions.

Do read my astrology post of today, about the next two weeks, if you haven’t already done so.

Meanwhile, that imponderable Karen Hudes, mentioned by Fulford in this post. Interesting: just today I was once again wondering about her. I just instinctively don’t trust this woman! And when she said, in a recent interview which I re-posted, that she is “again” working for the World Bank, as “acting general counsel,” I about did a double-take! What’s going on? Is this (faux?) whistleblower really a shill for the bank to tell us in soothing tones, that even though all hell’s about to break loose, don’t worry, all will be well? In other words, both doling out info and twisting it into disinfo? — Not that we wont be well, but that whatever’s about to go down most likely won’t go down as she says it.

In talking with my brother-in-law John this morning, we mentioned how though there’s most likely lots going on that we don’t know about or understand, level within level within level of both “good” and “bad,” we both do feel a growing sense of something enormous impending — and that no one, I mean no one is in control of events, because no one knows the whole story. It’s bigger than all of us, no matter how reptilian or angelic, or “master of the universe.”

Maybe what we’re picking up on is a false flag event, terror and destruction, nuking a U.S. city (or ten U.S. cities, whatever necessary to top 9/11) and blaming it on ISIS for example. Or maybe the fact that we’re picking up on it ahead of time cancels it? That its only power is that of surprise? Without surprise, the fear-element can’t be counted on. And fear is the name of their game. We do know that. Keep us terrorized, and we’ll do anything, anything, to feel safe, to get “back to normal,” even agree to more draconian controls.

So that IS the first lesson. To master one’s own fear. To notice it, when it arises, and to simply witness it, long enough so that it begins to dissipate. For it will dissipate. Shine a light on fear, and it retreats back into the shadows, or, better: coaxed to show its full measure, fear finally agrees to transform into courage — from “coeur,” the heart. As we open our hearts, we blast through fear into love. And when we love, the sky’s the limit. There is no stopping us from blasting free.

Or, we might be looking at mass arrests of the cabal, as Wilcock and Fulford claim here. Wishful thinking? Hmmm. And yet, I did feel, when seeing that Sarkozy was actually arrested, and that the political pedophile gang in Britain is now being outed, that yes yes these events might be the initial trickles that lead to the flood.

Let’s hope so, eh? From jhaines6:

David Wilcock made 3 Posts at Benjamin Fulford.net today. July 7, 2014

See Ben’s Post here: Ben Fulford, July 7, 2014



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  1. Duffi McDermott says:

    It’s weirdly comforting to know that others are having this feeling of some massive event lurking in the (near?) future.

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