We now enter two BIG Weeks astrologically. May the stars be with us!

My brother-in-law John called on the phone this morning. He had read the post about me carrying a “corporate flag” (logos in place of stars) in the local 4th of July parade, and remarked: “We’ve forgotten about the stars. Instead, we obey institutions, who pretend to give us guidance, and we are entrained to obey them. We need to put the stars back on the flag.


I forgot to mention when we talked, that the word “dis-aster” literally means, “to turn away from the stars.”

So, to the stars for these two weeks. Here’s a chart for today:

Screenshot 2014-07-07 12.31.15

These are big weeks, in fact huge. And it started over this past “Independence Day” weekend, when, for one thing, unusually large shootings erupted nearby, in both Indianapolis and Chicago.

What was going on astrologically? Well, the Sun started to move through the r/evolutionary, ongoing Uranus/Pluto zone, triggering first Pluto at 12° Capricorn over the weekend, beginning Friday, and will trigger Uranus at 16° Aries today through Wednesday.

Yes, Sun hit 12° Cancer (opposing Pluto, squaring Uranus) on Friday, July 4th, and intensified all weekend. Keep in mind, that it won’t hit the 16° marker until Wednesday, July 9th, so these three days (Monday through Wednesday) feature more extreme volatility for those who do not know how to center themselves within. If you do know how, now is the time for continuous practice.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, which has been in the sign where it is exalted, emotional, home-loving, my- country-right-or-wrong Cancer, since June 2013, will shift signs, into Leo, next next Wednesday, July 16th, again to stay for one year in its twelve-year cycle through the zodiac. As usual, this can be good and bad, evolved or not. Leo: positive — courageous, generous and open-hearted; negative — arrogant, big, overweening ego. Which shall it be? We shall see.

Meanwhile — and this is really a doozer! — two far-off planets, Saturn and Uranus, which have opposite meanings (Saturn wants to hold in form, keep existing structures in place, the status quo; Uranus wants to explode, bust through all boundaries) are both about to turn to go in opposite directions! Saturn to go direct, Uranus to go retrograde. The dates are July 20 (Saturn) and July 21 (Uranus). July 20 is also the date that went viral due to a supposed occult numerological message hidden in a speech by IMF head Christine Lagarde.

True? Who knows? There certainly are a lot of enormous global financial changes in the works, including rollout of the new BRICS Development Bank and the new Chinese Bank of Development, both to rival the World Bank.

When a big outer planet turns, to go either forward or backward, it appears to stop in its slow-moving tracks for a few days. It’s during that stoppage that the planet’s action tends to be most intense. So, with both Saturn (turns on 20th) and Uranus (turns on 21st), the intensity period lasts from the end of this week through the end of next week.

What can we expect? If you look at both these planets together, it looks to me like a swirling mass of chaotic confusion. Saturn trying patiently to get something structured into form as we move forwards; Uranus rebelling, throwing wrenches in the works, trying to go backwards.

Both of these planets turn at the same degree! — 16-17° in the two signs ruled by my-way-or-the-highway, impulsive, warlike Mars: Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries. And as they turn, they are 150° from each other, or “inconjunct,” a geometric angle, or “aspect” that is midway between “difficult,” and “easy”, requiring a process of continuous subtle adjustment.

Now let’s add one more factor to both these planets, Saturn and Uranus: by the 22nd, Mercury will go through the same area of the zodiac now being traveled by the Sun (see above). First it will be at 12° Cancer, triggering Pluto in the Uranus/Pluto square, and move towards Uranus over the next few days; by July 24-25, Mercury will be at 16-17° of Cancer, triggering the Uranus end of the Uranus Pluto square and also trining Saturn.

In other words, by about Friday, July 25th, Mercury will be in what I have learned to call — have learned because I personally have four of these configurations in my own chart — a triangle of continuous growth with Saturn and Uranus. The square provides the fuel, the friction, the trine or sextile provides the ease, and the injunct provides the need for continuous subtle adjustment.

Interpretation? Indications are for a very rocky start, with chaotic swirling and explosions (both Saturn and Uranus, planets with opposite meanings, turning, but in opposite directions), but perhaps, just perhaps, if we keep communicating (Mercury), we will begin to make sense of the changes and both provide a structure to accommodate them (Saturn) while giving rein to inevitable starts, stops and unpredictable backlashing (Uranus) — and all the while observing a communicative process of continuous subtle adjustment (the inconjunct).

And of course, as usual, the more conscious we are of the extreme push/pull factors in this intense two-week process, and especially, of our part in it, the better.

BTW: I brought up the world financial scene as an example, writ large, of processes each of us will be undergoing, especially if we have planets in our natal charts between 12-17°. Do you?

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Ann Kreilkamp’s astrological take on the next two weeks. I say, Buckle up and keep your eyes on the … INTENTION. When chaos erupts, it offers tremendous opportunities for timeline shifts to preferred realities. Points that wouldn’t normally touch, do, making what would normally be quantum leaps more like a quick hop onto the next reality train.

    RE: Christine Lagarde’s supposed occult message, I agree, she giving someone a message, but in reading her energy, my take was that she was asking for the IMF to be included in whatever change happens, not operating from the usual arrogance of the financial puppeteers. That’s just my read — that she’s talking to insiders, but her energy’s more of a sales pitch than a warning from a place of total control.

    Anyway, time may tell … or not … depending on how we each use this next two weeks to alter our direction into more preferred realities. Saturn, Uranus, Mars and Mercury: woohoo! “We are stardust, we are golden” … and some of us have already gotten “ourselves back to the Garden.” Cheers and happy shifting! 🙂

  2. Vicki Duggan says:

    This is great astrological delineation and I don’t want to sound critical at all but, she has quoted june 20th and june 21st when it should say july 20th and july 21st when Saturn and Uranus change direction!

    • Thanks! I just fixed. Just goes to show what a lack of Virgo in my natal chart will do to this hastily, intuitively written delineation. Very much appreciated, Vicki!

  3. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Ann! I love the way you connect astrological occurrences to what is going on in the world. So many people tell me astrology is “woo-woo” when to me it appears very practical. I guess it can appear esoteric when a person does not see those concrete connections between day to day life and astrological configurations.

  4. barbk says:

    I too was captivated by these transiting planets, Uranus and Saturn, who, for at least a month as I recollect, were in the (almost but never perfected) quincunx/inconjunct aspect of 150 degrees. That Mars ruled both the signs being traversed – Aries and Scorpio – smelled of a linkage of importance. Even further, Saturn was once the only ruler of Aquarius, until Uranus was discovered and then declared the “new” ruler of Aquarius. During the period when these two transiting planets were “adjusting” there were no major transits in the sign of Aquarius. That led me to suppose that any adjustments (due to the inconjunct aspect) were happening within natal charts (human or otherwise) that held Aquarian planets, like say, the U.S. whose Moon is at 27+ Aquarius.

    When I was a youngster in the ’40’s the only commercial places open on Sundays were the drug stores (people need Rx every day) and movie theatres (an acceptable leisure Sunday activity at the time). At some point after the 40’s decade and before the Sixties Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (that would also conjunct the U.S. natal Sibly Pluto), that all changed. Commercialism would explode; people could shop 7 days a week including most holidays, 24 hours a day.

    The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn that occur every 20 years give us a guideline as to how societies and cultures change, deal with and adapt to any challenges they face, based on the astrology symbols at the time. In the cycle that started in 1940 (at 14+ Taurus), Jupiter and Saturn were square the Sun (14+ Leo). Societies would be challenged to become consciously aware (Sun) in a creative way (Leo) of what their society most valued (Taurus). The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was inconjunct the U.S. natal Saturn (14+ Libra), requiring adjustments over the 20 year cycle ahead, but the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was sextile the U.S. natal Sun (13+ Cancer). Then the U.S. went to war, encouraged by the transiting Jupiter-Saturn focus on the material (Taurus) benefits.

    However, the creative Leo Sun in the chart of the 1940 Jupiter-Saturn cycle was sextile the U.S. Saturn which had to adjust (due to quincunx with Jupiter/Saturn conjunction itself) over the following 20 years, so we made lots of tanks (instead of cars) for our Partners (Saturn in Libra) to protect themselves with. But when the war(s) were finally over people needed jobs. By 1950, half-way through the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, transiting Uranus made a conjunction to the U.S. natal Venus (3+ Cancer) who is the ruler of Taurus ($$), where the Jupiter-Saturn cycle began. Then transiting Uranus made a conjunction to the U.S. Jupiter (5+ Cancer) who rules the ascendant of the U.S. (Sibly) birth chart. Jupiter is big and the USA began to see itself (ascendant) as big in a new (Uranus) way.

    The following year, 1951, transiting Uranus would station direct, an intense blast of Uranus, on the same degree as the U.S. Jupiter (5+ Cancer) and before the year was finished, Uranus would conjunct the U.S. natal Sun and station retrograde (another intense blast) there. He would be square transiting Saturn at 13+ Libra, who would move forward by year’s end to complete a Saturn cycle (maturity) for the U.S. I believe this had to be a time of awakening (trans. Uranus conjunct U.S Sun and transiting Saturn conjunct U.S. Saturn). At the time of the winter solstice in 1951, transiting Mars, Saturn and Moon were conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn in Libra and square transiting Uranus in Cancer (conjunct the U.S. natal Sun).

    As the ruler of the Sun sign of the U.S., the natal Aquarian Moon (symbolizes The People) has great influence over the U.S. Cancer Sun. At that point – the end of 1951 – there was an unconscious (Moon) influence working on this society’s government (Saturn) to expand (Jupiter) assertively (Mars), even aggressively if necessary, in world leadership (natal Saturn in Libra) matters, and that was okay with the (U.S.) People (Aquarius Moon, still influenced by the primary ruler of Aquarius, Saturn)

    Fast forward to 2000, already into the digital age and another 20 year cycle beginning in Taurus (22+ degrees) that is squared by Uranus in Aquarius (a sign many think by this time is ruled, or at least co-ruled by Uranus). This particular cycle will end in December of 2020 in the 0 degree of Aquarius. In 2014, Uranus and Saturn make a long – but not exact – aspect with each other that demands adjustment. During and around this period, the U.S. “headlines” wreaked of the population’s dismay over gun violence (see 1951 Winter Solstice), violence against women ( ’51 solstice), protests (Uranus in ’51 solstice), all of which were “awakened” in the U.S. population (Aquarian U.S. Moon) which was being transformed by an energy that broke through (Uranus = smart phones) old barriers (Saturn = NSA) no longer serving a purpose. As I see it, this will be showing itself (Uranus challenges Saturn for influence over Aquarius) right up until the next Saturn-Jupiter cycle (that begins in late December, 2020), either through Aquarian placements and/or through planets in other signs ruled by Aquarian planets.

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