SECRET SPACE CONFERENCE REPORT: Moon Pigeons, ARVs, German Engineering and “The Secret”

Note: this post is authored by Julia Jackson, who attended the Secret Space Conference in San Mateo, California for

A recent article in Forbes magazine that describes a link between leadership and psychopathy has been bubbling up within our social web of emotional contagion. Although this connection seems quite plausible with the state of humanity and our complicit role of allowing such individuals lead us, I would argue that this is just another dis-information story that keep us from the truth or as Richard Dolan calls it “the most revolutionary subject on planet Earth.” What is the secret that consumes all our corrupt profits from government-sponsored drug running to Super Bowl prostitution to endless, endless, endless wars?

The secret is space.

It is a very simple premise. Man builds ships to explore and conquer new territory because they are forever unsatisfied with what they currently have. And some within humanity know that the grass is really green with technological riches beyond our common, wildest dreams and have forsaken and raped their beautiful mother earth in their quest to join other species in space. Why else do leaders continue to start wars, manipulate the financial markets and hype the sickest parts of humanity in the mass media while mutilating earth for its underground riches? Yes, they most likely could be psychopaths that feed on power by way of fear, but again, this seems like a pretty good cover story for an agenda that is much, much bigger and the game changer for our evolution.

The common thread of the Secret Space Program conference (thank you Jeroen van Straaten for organizing this and my press pass) held in San Mateo this past June 28-29 highlighted a portion of the evidence that illustrated A. extraterrestrial species are here right now and B. some leaders so desperately want to mimic parts of their technology that they are willing to sell out humanity in every way possible to achieve this goal.

Mark McCandlish, an amazing aerospace illustrator (old school, hand-drawn and painted) opened the conference with his anecdotal stories of military technologies that have achieved anti-gravity propulsion. One in particular nicknamed the Flux Liner (see Mark’s illustration below) is capable of achieving light speed or better, according to the story Mark was told by a former design school classmate who witnessed this craft. A basic recap of this particular story can be found here.


The story described a craft that could hover like a flying saucer in a category they call Alien Reproduction Vehicle or ARV for short. Mark was able to illustrate and speculate on the technology used on this craft based on his friend’s own cruder illustration and descriptions and all pointed to a very advanced system that utilized Zero Point Energy. Mark’s presence was so mild mannered and his talk was filled with technical descriptions of how the capacitors might function to achieve an anti-gravity field that the underlying implications of what he was describing could easily get lost. But right off the bat, his presentation hits to the heart of why truth and disclosure are so important for humanity’s future-Zero Point Energy or Nullpunktsenergie (look it up-it’s German-go figure) and why it is speculated that some folks have died while trying to reveal this secret.

What are the ramifications of letting humanity know that we do in fact have an unlimited supply of energy that is clean? What the frack?

If we could put our iPhone’s down and fully comprehend this statement, the possibilities are endless of how this technology can help clean up earth with a magnificent band-aid to heal all her puncture wounds. The internal combustible engine is a completely outdated and a perverted mode of power and we don’t need to go to war “for the oil” or use precious water to frack natural gas.

In this same vein of exposing what “we” humans are developing within the secret space program in collaboration with “them,” Michael Schratt, an aerospace historian, further expounded on information he’s researched from military sources and FOIA requests and interviews with NASA executives, scientists etc. He’s also an auto-cad illustrator/draftsman and has produced detailed renderings of eyewitness descriptions. Michael believes that taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent or lost and how it relates to legitimate funds being siphoned off to black ops. Remember that Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon and he blamed it on military spending on September 10, 2001. Well we all know what happen then next day…


Excuse me; I fell asleep for a minute recalling the powerful spell of 9-11. German engineering again here at work. Look up what is means to be a Straussian? No one does mind control better than the Germans (I think I might have just played the Nazi card please forgive me Leo).

Current neocons that follow Leo Strauss’ ideology feel perfectly justified not telling the truth and lying to the masses in order to maintain their noble lifestyle and maintain authoritarian rule. Of course, Straus borrowed the idea of a noble lie from Plato and many of our neocon global leaders (Straussians) have picked up this ball and their court of play is off world.

So to understand this philosophy, you can understand why leaders are willing to kill their own people if it serves their needs (chemtrails, fluoride, gmos, war, oil spills, ad nauseam) and provide the masses with spells to keep us comatose (organized religion, professional sports, mass media, public education, ad nauseam) so that we do not questions their authority. And their highest need is to create a “break-away” society in order to maintain a position of power and wealth and knowledge far beyond the masses. Of course these leaders are going to fight disclosure every step of the way. They don’t want to share the knowledge or technology that would most definitely bring about humanity’s advancement at least in terms of unlimited energy and our mass consciousness.

Joseph P. Farrell’s scholarship on “alternative history” is voluminous and his particular subject matter expertise connects the dots between Nazis and the US banking, space, and intelligence programs. His book titled, Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops gives a modern, post World War 2 connection on how a breakaway civilization could be achieved. The connections are too complex for a short post, but the bottom line is that it takes a whole lot more money than what taxpayers put into the IRS coffers to create such a system. It takes a ton of DIRTY, DIRTY money. If you have to run drugs, sell children into prostitution and start political conflicts with your new weapons technologies, so be it. So we have various realities at play. All of our most important institutions have a surface agenda that involves control of the masses, but their real purpose is to help facilitate this “other reality,” the “other world” that involves advanced knowledge and technologies. As Farrell states, “We are looking at a financial system that makes no sense if you leave out this hidden system of finance and the UFO.”

It could just be that our leaders are psychopaths and they just enjoy destroying the environment, killing women and children daily with war and decimating our financial system with a series of predatory policies that has nothing to do with a secret space agenda. But again, why are we now being told that our leaders have psychopathic traits? Please do look behind the curtain. One of the books that is getting quoted on this topic is called, “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.” Am I the only one here who finds it more than ironic that a reptilian analogy was made? Better yet, when I look at the Forbes article online that quotes this book, I’m given advertising for the “Disney Institute-D-Think Your Way to Success.” What the holy frack! Those damn Nazis again!

But as Catherine Austin Fitts says, “We are all guilty” and she’s right. I’m guilty of being led by leaders in a chain of command that leads to some very dark places. Their true natures are hidden indeed, but regardless of their DSM classification, their actions show no mercy for the majority of humanity.

Fitts who has been a political insider described her experience within the surface system as the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing within HUD during Bush I’s administration. Her presentation outlined her attempts to facilitate due diligence towards fiscal responsibility in that role and how she was presented with roadblock after roadblock to seeing the real numbers involved within that organization. Her attempts to “unpack the complexities” of where the money was going led her to the conclusion that we currently have two parallel financial systems. Her article, titled “What’s Up With the Black Budget?” which comes highly recommended by Richard Dolan, raises the questions we should all be asking.

This financial drain of a system that must maintain secrecy at all costs cannot be maintained. Where as, I see a quick collapse from unforeseen circumstances, Fitts believes it will be a slow burn as this parallel system extinguishes. Maybe we can accelerate the process, and encourage the elite (and off world partners) to get into their super, fast ARVs and get the fuck off this planet. I wish I new what the carrot or the stick would be for that scenario.

Oh I should add that a common tactic to keep people silent on this topic is what Fitts called a control file that involves dirt. They will expose your dirt, make up dirt and plant it on you or plant you in the dirt. This really isn’t funny because we heard from one of the people involved in the making of the documentary film, Zero-Point – The Story of Mark McCandlish and the ‘Flux Liner’ discuss the untimely death of its producer/director James Allen who was a film student. This film was screened at the conference and Allen’s professor discussed how they had joked about the topic of folks who push disclosure come up dead. Toxology reports post-mortem showed radiation poisoning.

So let’s get to the other part of the secret that wasn’t the focus of this conference, but in fact is the very reason gobs of dirty money is funneled into replication of off world space technologies, which is…

we are not alone.

Of course we are not alone. And until this is exposed beyond a doubt to the masses, we can never achieve shutting down the dirty money machine that runs on war and vice. This is the game changer for humanity’s evolution. Other entities are here and some elite parts of humanity interact with them and from that interaction they are replicating advanced technologies that do have the capacity from space travel on one end and free, clean energy for the entire earth on the other. If you take fossil fuels out of our current environmental condition/equation, can you imagine the possibilities?

Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group, a group devoted to disclosure, made an appearance at the conference and was part of a roundtable discussion. Bassett’s activism on this topic started when we briefly worked for the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), founded by the late Dr. John Mack in Cambridge, MA. One question from the audience addressed the standard-what type of cosmic cultures are here and are they malevolent or benevolent? Bassett speculates that humanity would indeed have major adjustments to this knowledge, but he believes that basically we are dealing with beings that have yet to cause us major harm. This particular topic is quite controversial within disclosure and UFO groups and I of course, want to believe that it would be to humanity’s benefit to know the truth. I will admit that this could be a naïve belief, but why not expect advanced benevolent behavior?

Imagine our world with zero point energy.

Some speakers at the conference gave antidotal evidence of intelligent species that have been retrieved at crash sites or better yet, are interacting with our leaders (remember Gary McKinnon) and ordinary people. Robert Morningstar who has spent years of his investigation studying NASA photos for the anomalies and evidence of civilization on the moon, gave examples of astronauts who have admitted they were being watched and some witnessed much more advanced craft on the various NASA missions. Morningstar referenced a couple of known examples of code words on these missions such as “moon pigeons” or “santa claus” that were used on recorded NASA transmissions that indicated our astronauts were encountering these beings.

Richard Dolan, a very prominent and well-respected historian of UFOs, cited that through the main UFO reporting channels there were around 15,000 UFO sightings reported in North America last year. He suspects that number of sightings is actually 10 times higher, but weren’t reported. Dolan quips, “There is no love for this topic.” Government, academia and mass media have worked hard on marginalizing anyone who wants to have a serious conversation on UFOs, yet folks year after year continue to see unexplained flying objects. I consider him and all the speakers quite brave for assimilating the ridicule to produce their truths.

Who is flying these crafts? They could be man made (we don’t really know what all the black ops have developed). They could be cosmic culture made (we don’t really know all the cosmic species who are with us right now). They could be crafts made in partnership with many different species (again we don’t know for sure).

Dolan’s best advice was to find a pair of 3rd generation night vision goggles (this is expensive technology, so maybe find a group to share the expense) and look to the skies so that you can see for yourself what all is traveling up there.

I too have had a significant sighting without goggles and so my beliefs cannot be marginalized by our lying institutions or ridiculed from anyone. Right before I left Bloomington, Indiana, I witnessed at some friends’ country home in Brown County many orange orbs that would dim and glow with a telepathic connection to my friends playing their didgeridoo. Some hovered in one place and others floated up vertically and then zoomed horizontally and eventually morphed into airplanes.

What keeps humanity in stasis so that we refuse to believe? Again, I say thousands and thousands of spells have been cast to keep this control (religion, tv, drugs, alcohol, porn, junk food, fluoride, professional sports, organized religion, celebrities, money, gambling, guns, internet, radiation, chemtrails ad nausuem). Do I dare say magic? Ok, I will. It is dark magic in my view, until someone can prove to me otherwise. Are the noble lies really noble? I really highly doubt it. Every day we look the other way and pretend that our world is going to be just fine or that somehow science and technology will make it all better.


Excuse me; I fell asleep again. Mind control comes in a variety of forms and it is up to the individual to take back their innate power and create a different reality.

One of the most inspirational moments of the secret space conference was listening to Jon Rappaport. The minute he commanded the stage, he insisted that the house lights were turned up so that he could look at his audience and connect. His talk wasn’t about showing slides, or hidden facts, it was about human imagination. He said, “I’m not selling you content. I’m selling you—you.”

“Everything built came from someone’s imagination,” he told us. Again, we fail to recognize are own magnificent power in the form of imagination and creativity. In other words, the folks in Washington or the academics in the ivory tower will not be the ones to save us, and all the guns in the world will not make us safe. We have to use our imagination to create the solutions. He added, “We are looking for mechanical solutions and it ain’t never going happen. The bad guys are the masters of mechanical.”

He challenged us to imagine something that has never been created before that could change the world. I immediately thought about hacking spy satelites or mass communication with smooth, peaceful, love entrainment-OM. But then again, each person’s consciousness and imagination are sovereign. Shame on our laws, social media, leaders, misbehaved cosmic cultures, public education, technologies and anything else that tries to manipulate our consciousness.

Rappaport contends that when you say you are not an artist or you are not creative or that you are just one of the crowd without anything significant to contribute that these are just your excuses for inaction.

The conference’s last speaker was Carol Rosin who for decades has warned us that the end game is the militarization of space. She outlined the current military industrial complexes formula for achieving this. “ The scenario of enemies and wars leading to the potential extraterrestrial threat is that they have to have these wars in order to dump the old weapons, test the new weapons, and rationalize the budgets for the next set of weapons.”

Rosin still remains hopeful that we have time to declare our peaceful intentions in space exploration and has established the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS. This institute has co-authored a space peace treaty, “to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of space-based weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward beings or objects on Earth or in space from space.”

Please look behind the curtain and in your heart. The truth is out there and the truth is within.


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  1. ksense says:

    Great article! They so want to contain the free energy idea because it will actually free us from debt slavery. We will no longer have need or use of their “necessities”. The possession of a small unit that draws free energy breaks the chains. The only option the utility companies will have is to try to sell the units for many thousands of dollars on a payment plan, much the same way the now sell refrigerators and the like at some of their small town offices. It wouldn’t last long. Can’t wait.

    We wouldn’t even ‘have’ to work anymore…… but we would because people still have needs. We just wouldn’t do it for money to pay bills. We’d do it because we like to do things and that’s how it was supposed to be in the first place.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    “But again, why are we now being told that our leaders have psychopathic traits? ”


    Last night, at my young age of 72, I experienced a dream I should not want to dwell in for long. I cherish these dream experiences as important learning experiences for my soul. I can not recall what war I was living. The dream started with an upwelling in resolve so strong it pushed away all feelings of love and compassion. I walked over to the General, placed both hands on his shoulders, looked him straight in the eyes and commanded, “Get the hell out of my way! I’m taking over and will resolve this.” The General smiled at me in his acceptance and appeared acquiescent.

    I had just felt resolve so strong upwell inside the dream, it had pushed all sense of love and compassion out of my heart. Surprisingly I was not experiencing hatred, just overwhelming resolve. The flash of satisfaction in my profound confidence.

    This was all so out of my comfort zone. Wait! No! It woke me up to analyze further. Is this me?

    It struck me that I had been pushed into a mind-state perhaps similar to Air Force General Curtis LeMay during WWII’s LeMay-lead and directed incendiary bombing campaign on Japan, followed by Enola Gay -Tokyo, then Nagasaki: total resolve without a sense of hatred, resolve so strong all sense of love and compassion are pushed aside…the end justified the means. By God, it will be done!

    Waking up I so wanted this to only be a reflection of insight and not a truth of who I might really be, emerging from my subconscious. I mentally repeated my life’s motto to see if it still worked for me: Be Loving, be humble, be fearless, seek truth,… apply wisdom. My motto seemed to still work.

    Total resolve carries it’s own dangers. The ego will justify anything when in full charge, and not bound by other higher values. Leaders can drift sometimes quickly to a path where the ends justifies the means in their own minds, and a psychopath is born.

      • Rich Buckley says:

        Yes Ann, I sense you express what was going on in my dream perfectly:……..

        “No matter what “they” throw at us, if we bring to it our full awareness, it dissipates.

        “Ultimately, if enough of us pay attention long enough, we win. But in order to do so, we have to be even more determined, clever, and yes, patient, with the long view, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of our children’s children. Act without expectations of immediate results. Indeed, act without expectations all together. Act with love.

        “Love drives out fear. They eat fear. Love makes them puke.”

      • wren says:

        in response to this: i also had the opportunity to speak with an indigenous shaman in peru who was very connected to pachamama & truth in the cosmos. this is exactly what she told me. “you have to be in 100% belief; only love, only light, only healing.”

        she said the beings which are not here for our good sense our fear, this is what feeds them. if we are in love light healing 100% belief, nothing can touch us.

        it was interesting for me to hear an indigenous shaman speak about things that i had heard in many books (like david icke’s for example) as she was (self-proclaimed) “uneducated woman” (not past middle school, i think)… and she was telling us of places pachamama had led her to see into experimental laboratories. and she said, “how could i know this unless pachamama showed me? i am just an uneducated person with no scientific training” – and she was telling us images of deeply technological/scientific research being done on the human brain …. confirmation/ thoughts full circling

  3. g77enn says:

    We are not all wrong. True we’ve all been brainwashed to varying extents. When I hear we are all wrong, it strikes me that those who control the planet murdering millions, destroying the planet and brainwashing the population, are attempting to extricate themselves from the justice that they fear. The last thing they want is justice. Without facing the truth with justice there will be no healthy change, only the same old criminal cabal running the planet.

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