Paul Craig Roberts: For the U.S., patriotism = militarism

We will keep that equation in mind as we march with the Tenth Amenders and my newly purchased corporate flag


in tomorrow’s parade. What I’m especially curious about: to see if the local police department has acquired on of those Army Tanks, ‘cuz if they have, no doubt they’ll want to show it off. I’ve got parade watchers on alert to check this out, since I’m in the parade and might not see it. Nor will my son Colin, since he’s supposed to be “sprinkling the Garden Tower” during the entire parade as it rolls through downtown streets past throngs of five-deep folks hunkered down on sidewalks in chairs for hours before the parade begins, at 10 A.M. Participants, like me, are supposed to arrive at our stations early. They close the streets at 9 A.M. Think I’ll break out the ol’ bike and arrive “just in time.”

July 4th Militarist Bunkum


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