Vladimir Putin, meet Noam Chomsky

My hope is that, when Vladimir Putin looks to the relentless pugnacious actions by the American Corporate Empire, that he also reads people like Noam Chomsky, who remain unalterably opposed. My hope is that all those living elsewhere in the world and under our drone thumb, realize that our government is no longer representative of We, the People — and perhaps never was. My hope is that many many more of us We the People wake up to what our government is doing to us and others in our name. And that we do so quickly.

What will it take? How many water systems have to be either poisoned by fracking or other chemical indignities or else forced to run dry from overuse by chlorinated fountains and growing GMO industrialized “food”? How many children have to die at the border (why are they there? how did they arrive? where are their parents? what kind of psy-op is this?), or be pricked with vaccines or poisoned with canned “baby food,” or sexually abused by predators in high places, or stolen from their parents by the state “for their own good”? How long will we tolerate the fiction that corporations have more rights than flesh-and-blood people? How many more U.S. police departments will be handed “surplus” military tanks? How many places in the world will have to be continuously terrorized and chaoticized by the presence of U.S. soldiers, weapons, banks, “development projects” that carry off their treasure ruining the livelihoods of their people and desecrating their land? On and on. I could get depressed, but I won’t.

Vladimir Putin, read Noam Chomsky. Details here:

America’s Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force

BTW: I sent a note to the local permaculture guild list yesterday asking if someone would like to walk in the 4th of July parade with me while holding the other end of my newly purchased corporate flag. We will walk with the 10th Amenders, who, I hear, will parade with a giant octopus. So far, no response. Does this mean permies are all busy in their gardens? Or that they have too many emails to read? Or they don’t like me? Or parades? Or they don’t want to think about all this stuff, it’s just too awful to contemplate, so they won’t? As I said, how much will it take for us to show up, everywhere, with all that we are and all that we can give to shift the direction of this mighty ill wind, whipping around the world and hell-bent on extinction.

Okay okay, so it’s early in the morning, and I don’t yet have my opocaloptimist glasses on.



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  1. bumpercrop says:

    I think the reason many people don’t rebel is because they are afraid. Fear is still dominating many humans. Of course the archons know this and keep the fear train running all the time.
    I helped organize local gatherings for the Global March on Chemtrails, over the past 2 years.
    I was scared, but my love and compassion for all of Gaea was stronger. The more I speak out and take action, the more alive I feel. The archons have no power over us, when we are strong. Like all bullies, they cower when confronted with true courage.
    Do I get absolutely disgusted with the weak and willfully ignorant sheeple? Of course. What they don’t realize is that the hiding head in sand trick, will not protect them. Also, they want “others” to pull the load, and do the work. Then they can come in and say their prayers, affirmations, and visualizations did the trick. New Agers can be some of the worst at this. Don’t talk about those “negative” issues. What you resist persists, and other excuses to remain selfish under the guise of being spiritually superior. Anyway, I am proud of you sister, you wave that flag and know that you are standing up for all sentient beings, including the sleeping sheeple.

  2. Bravo!

    Much gratitude to consciously awake humans working diligently, and courageously, to unmask the cabal, and taking peaceful action to end crimes against humanity and nature.

    Psychological warfare: Psychological, emotional, and intellectual manipulation of humans, through education transformed by behavioral psychologists, and mass media, has stolen many human qualities, and ‘freedom of mind’ from individuals without their awareness.

    What the conscious mind believes the subconscious acts on unconditionally, the same way a computer responds to its keyboard and mouse commands. The reticular activator in the brain stem of human beings ‘filters out’ all data interfering with subconscious beliefs. The result is ‘selective’ hearing and ‘selective vision’. This accounts for why people dismiss, deny, or label facts as conspiracy theory. In addition, extreme deception like the ‘straw man’ created through a birth certificate, and force of law, sustained through individual unawareness, and ‘voluntary’ compliance, are reinforced by globalists through individual fear of loss or punishment.

    Jordan Maxwell unmasks the cabal’s hidden agenda: Birth Certificate Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932 http://youtu.be/-Cmc12Dvqhs

    • Addendum to my first comment:
      We can only change ourselves, share what we’ve learned, and in so doing become way showers for others to see with new eyes, and hear with new ears.

      Everything Jordan Maxwell owned, including all his research material and tapes, were stored in a warehouse waiting for him to move. June 2014 all was lost in a warehouse fire.

  3. lynn says:

    Ah, Ann darlin;, if only I lived in Indiana – I would gladly hold the other end of your corporate flag with you in the parade!

  4. How Do I Help My Friends During this Time of Transition? http://youtu.be/QopMK_AGC-c

  5. I’m sorry, but if you think that Russians aren’t colonisers, there is no point talking to you. If you assert that Central Asian countries like Tajikistan or Uzbekistan aren’t the result of Russian empire-building, you’ll be telling me next that Ghengis Khan is a Russki. As for your Panslavic theories, I’m surprised you aren’t also claiming the Serbs are Russians in disguise. Your Russophilic representation of the meaning of Ukraine as “on the border” conflicts with modern interpretation as “homeland” or “country”.

    If you knew anything about the Ukraine you would know Ukrainians have their own language and that ordinary everyday words, such as the word for “onion”, are different in Russian and Ukrainian. The Ukrainian (цибуля) is much more like Polish than it is like the Russian (лук). The Ukrainian for “pencil” (олівець) is again like Polish, not like the Russian (карандаш). Similarly, the word for hotel in Ukrainian is готель, similar to Polish, but in Russian it’s гостиница. Based on everyday language, Ukrainians are more Polish than Russian. In fact, the region was colonised by Poles in the 1400s.

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