Laura Bruno: When life gives you tornadoes, make bouquets!

Well, well, what she says here is true, Laura did email me an “eyefull” on Sunday morning, and it did joggle me, once again, to the capacities within the New Madrid Fault zone. A few years ago I had read a book about the 1811 earthquake —

When the Mississippi Ran Backwards

— and it had stayed in the back of my mind ever since. So, when she said that in her dream her Garden Tower had actually toppled over, squashing a very large ripe watermelon, I was stunned. Though I didn’t spill the beans re: her predictive dream, I did echo its concerns, in a post that day that contained a map of the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Mike Adams echoes my late husband Jeffrey’s dream message

She didn’t want to draw her possibly predictive dream to public attention at that point, and from the looks of this great post, she is relieved that the hidden power within the dream had already spent itself, and that she managed to conjured the calm eye of whatever tornadoish forces blew through Goshen, Indiana Monday night. I remember seeing something about big storms in “northern Indiana,” yesterday morning and briefly wondered whether she was okay. I guess I must have presumed she was, because the question did not feel pressing.

In this post I especially love her remark about her plants, how they received the storm and were now “electrified, happy, brilliant.” Also the notion of how the terrible and the wonderful exist side by side. It’s as if we simply have to switch channels internally for the other channel to magically come into focus. Once again, the singular importance of CHOICE, moment by moment, to love or to fear.

flowersWhen Life Gives you Tornadoes, Make Bouquets!





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