Zen Gardner, on those who would oppress us: "It certainly appears that very long-term planning with extreme, deliberate patience is their greatest 'stealth' weapon."

Zen Gardner here presents a masterfully precise description of a steadily creeping feeling that has been stealing into me for years, and especially, these past six months or so. The stunned realization of just how deviously clever and patient they are. Just how determined to enact their “plan.” I’d much rather we enact ours!

Let us Trust, in OUR New — grounded, locally-based, decentralized, self-organized, networked, shared World Order

Two days ago, I woke up at around 7:30 A.M., somewhat later than usual, and immediately noticed that every movement of my limbs took enormous effort. It was as if I was trying to walk underwater, so heavy and oppressive did the atmosphere feel. I felt as if I weighed 1000 pounds, like gravity was sucking me down. The feeling remained all day, though less intense as time went on. That “heaviness” did not feel personal. It felt as if an invisible awfulness was beaming into the frequency field in which I am immersed.

This morning, next door neighbor Rebecca told me that she often wakes in the middle of the night, into an atmosphere of intense dread. “That’s not your dread,” I respond. “It’s something they’re beaming.”

Or, it could be that in the middle of the night she’s more vulnerable to the intense collective fear — call it dread — whipsawing its way around the world, often without those feeling it being aware of what’s going on inside them.

Or both.

I too, used to awaken in the middle of the night into that icky sticky dread. And I knew it was not mine. Simply: I could identify no personal correlations to the intensity of the feeling. At first I found the feeling odd, tried to make it go away. Then I decided to pay attention to it, tune into it, tune into the part of my body where it concentrated. Usually the solar plexus, but not always.

Then, yes, breathe into the dread. Steadily, with awareness. Knowing it is NOT mine. It is ours. Or rather, theirs, pointed at us. Somehow. We don’t know how. But “they” do.

No matter what “they” throw at us, if we bring to it our full awareness, it dissipates.

Ultimately, if enough of us pay attention long enough, we win. But in order to do so, we have to be even more determined, clever, and yes, patient, with the long view, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of our children’s children. Act without expectations of immediate results. Indeed, act without expectations all together. Act with love.

Love drives out fear. They eat fear. Love makes them puke.


Stealth, Cunning, and Long-Range Planning — Oppressing Humanity for Generations


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