Monday Morning Musings: "CrISIS," Annett, 23-year-olds, Community, Crones, and College Degrees

My friend Laurie (on right) and I, probably stoned, and laughing, during our 50th year, in Jackson Hole. That was 21 years ago. Still plugging along, still laughing, experimenting with community, NO MATTER WHAT. Image: Chuck Manners.

Laughing with same-age friend Laurie (I’m on the left), during our 50th year birthday party, at the yurts in Jackson Hole. That was 21 years ago. Still plugging along, still laughing, experimenting with community, NO MATTER WHAT. Image: Chuck Manners.

Well, I must say that I continue to be surprised by the astonishing audaciousness of formerly nonexistent or in-the-woodwork players who all-of-a-sudden hit the world stage either through the MSM or the alt-media, by amping up violence or the exposure of violence.

Violence amp-up: check out today’s headline from the so-called ISIS (that attempts to rob/invert the significance of the great goddess):

Isis announces Islamic caliphate in area straddling Iraq and Syria

Jihadist group challenges al-Qaida as it changes name to Islamic State and pledges to free Palestine in video

Exposure of Violence amp-up: Check out latest headling from Kevin Annett’s ITTCS Tribunal indicting heads of state and religion:

Kevin Annett: Special “take-down” units move into action on verge of pope’s resignation

Really? Is this latest pope about to resign?

And then there are the various ways we try to make a larger sense of what’s happening. For example, ISIS:

Taking the Long View of the Middle East

And of Kevin Annett, devil or saint?

Kevin Annett’s Eclipse of Reason, Eclipse of Faith

Ommigoddess. What to believe? What to believe? I’ve long suggested that “belief” itself may be what needs to be addressed here.

Bottled water, bottled beliefs?

I wrote that piece back in 2012. In 2013, I came up with the phrase, “conceptual helmet,” to indicate how our belief systems stop us from continuing to grow.

Let’s take off our conceptual helmets and shake out our hair!

Okay, up to this point in this post, everything that I’ve been talking about I don’t have any knowledge of personally. It’s just my mind talking, being fed by ideas coming in from the ethers via various devices. And then my meta-mind talking epistemology, to try to make sense of how to view ideas. Enough! Enough! Enough to, as we used to say, back in the ’60s, “blow one’s mind.” Yes. Let’s do blow our minds.

Let’s remain astonished. Every single day.

And yet, and yet.

When I climb back in my body, I notice that, all this while I’ve been writing about factoids, perspectives and even airier abstractions I’ve been sitting here, in my own little corner of the world, root sunk deep into Earth, crown open to the sky, radiating and gathering, radiating and gathering . . . allowing, allowing . . .

This morning Rebecca and our eager new IU intern Jeffrey took the old beat-up truck to take our left-over seedlings to Mother Hubbard’s Cubbard, and then go purchase the tools we need to complete our long-awaited water catchment system for both her house and mine. If you recall, she and I got two water tanks for $75 each about a month ago.

And, this morning, Katarina, the first of the four new, young, fresh, folks who will join us in our two-home plus GANG garden adventure in community brings over the first load of her stuff. Katarina is an herbalist who has already planted two herb beds. Good!

By the end of August, all six of us will be in place. Two crones, hopefully wise and experienced, used to working for a long time to manifest a large vision no matter what the obstacles, teamed up with eager, idealistic young ones who bring different skills and talents to our common table, and who, given that they are the new generation, and we are the old fogies, will both add fresh energy and stimulate us to “up our game” in terms of resilience and generativity.

Which reminds me. Just saw an article that claims that there are more 23-year-olds than any other age living on the planet, and that they will save the world.

There Are More 23-Year-Olds Than Any Other Age (and They’re Going to Save the World)

Let it be!

Given the radical chaotic karma that the Uranus/Pluto configuration (2012-2015) continues to whip up, it may behoove young ones to weigh very carefully whether or not they really want to use (waste?) their precious time on “getting a college education” and becoming a life-long indentured servant to the Matrix. Not that the matrix is going to continue, on the other hand. That’s already dissolving.

The Cost/Benefit Analysis of a College Degree in One Chart

How much time do we have to turn things around? Can we turn things around? Or must we act as if we can all the while knowing that perhaps this latest experiment in human community on Mother Earth in this tiny solar system near the tip of one of the four arms of the Milky Way Galaxy hurtling, hurtling into infinity — is doomed to fail. And if so, what we must also do, in the meantime, is prepare for just such an eventuality, and I mean internally, making peace with all that is, absorbing both shadow and light, caring for all creatures equally, and above all, absorbing and radiating love, everywhere and all day long, love. Love. Love.

What will spiral out from that single decision, made moment by moment, to love rather than to fear, is incalculable.




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  1. There is an old piece of wisdom who’s application seems to be changing. It goes, “The problem is, in a war, you eventually have to pick a side.”

    What seems to be changing is “the 3rd element,”….”picking a side”… a growing assembly of people globally, are picking “the truth movement”: Apolitical in nature, spiritual in application, humble in ambition, neighborhood in orientation, universal in understanding, peaceful in purpose, loving, compassionate, wise in long term perspective, and perhaps redemptive for soul energy..or so it seems to me.

  2. bumpercrop says:

    Kevin Annet is bringing attention to the evil and corrupt Vatican church. Anyone who understands the history of how this evil institution came into being knows it is based on deceit and lies. Who is Heather Martin and who sponsored this web-site smear campaign against Annet? Why should “Heather Martin” care so much, that she dedicates an entire web site to discredit Annet;s work? Seems pretty slick to me. Annet might be a psychopath but he is “our” psychopath. I find it odd that Bergoglio
    has made 3 cancellations recently, due to a “bad back”. and there is this:
    VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis’ abrupt decision to cancel his popular morning Mass and general audiences for the month of July has provoked fresh speculation about the health of the 77-year-old pontiff.

    For the month of July until September.Pope Francis has canceled his morning Mass, which he celebrates daily in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

    So soon after the exorcism of the Vatican by Annet? Let us remember the burning of women, confiscation of their property, and total destruction of our ancestral knowledge by the Catholic Church. Doe the malleus maleficarum ring a bell? How about the murder of the indigenous people in the Americas, perpetrated by Spaniards for the Vatican? The list of abuse by the Catholic Church on innocent people is overwhelming. Kevin Annet should be praised for having the guts to do something besides talk.

    • Wikipedia’s definition of psychopathy:Psychopathy (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/) (or sociopathy /ˈsoʊsiəˌpæθi/) is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.

      You reveal much by claiming he is “your psychopath”…. which tells me that some psychopaths (according to you) are acceptable by society so long as their means justify the end.

      Superman wouldn’t be so ‘super’ if he cheated and lied in order to save the world from Lex Luther, now would he?

      • I guess my question to you is, why the intensity of what appears as extreme personal antipathy to him? You seem to have taken him on as your cause. Have you ever met him yourself?

        • Nope, never met him….corresponded via e-mail only. Have spoken to many people who have known him personally though. Their personal experiences is what I have drawn on for some of what I have written. The blog seems personal because it has so many of the personal stories of people who have been hurt by him, but it is not me personally who has suffered the most.

  3. bumpercrop says:

    Here is more information regarding the true nature of Jorge Bergoglio aka Pope Francis

  4. bumpercrop says:

    From article, “It’s even better news for the economy, which will need every penny of taxes they pay and consumer demand they generate ”
    Does this article say anything about this age group’s awareness of environmental degradation or social decline? No, in typical Bloomberg fashion, the emphasis is on how much “tax revenue” and “consumer demand” these young people will generate. The article says this about the 23 year olds, “They owe the bulk of America’s $1 trillion in student debt. They have little or no savings. A third still live at home with their parents. Those with jobs are often underemployed and underpaid. Not only have they delayed the typical trappings of adulthood—marriage, home, kids—they may be stuck in perpetual adolescence”.
    But the article headline employs mind control tactics, informing us in the misleading headline,that these indebted, underemployed, underpaid, still living at home young adults, are going to
    “save the world”. I see precious few of them showing up at environmental forums, political gatherings, or social activism meetings. Perhaps this generation is the most mind controlled of all.
    This article is a good example of Orwellian double speak.

  5. Dear Bumpercrop and Ann…. I thought I’d weigh in on your question about who I am and who pays me. I have a job…a real one…that pays my bills and puts food on the table but nothing more than that. I am no ‘shill’ or ‘state paid agent’ as Kevin Annett would have you believe. I had a very brief encounter with the man when I was pursuing a side career in activism and was going to show his film Unrepentant at a film festival I was organizing. Someone told me to look into the Circle of Justice and their experience with Kevin and so I did and as I was already a blogger on other issues such as Canadian Politics, Gardasil and geoengineering, I sidled into writing about Kevin. I had lots of questions, NONE OF WHICH HE WOULD ANSWER. I wanted to know who, other than himself, was part of this ITCCS, where the Brussels Office was located (as they don’t recognize Common Law in their country). My words to him was that without others to help him he placed an awfully big target on his back for what he was trying to accomplish. He deflected and avoided answering my questions and accused me of falling for the stories of people like Amy Tallio (a Residential School survivor and victim of abuse). This did not sit well with me…blaming the victims is a tactic of the guilty. And as a blogger and seeker of the truth I started to dig. In journalism this would be considered investigative reporting…if I were to write a book it would be considered research to be looking into the subject of interest. And because I dig and reveal my opinions about what he is doing and his purposes for doing it, people like yourself jump to the tired old addage of “who is paying me” to do so. What probably irks Kevin and people like yourself the most is that I am the most average person there is…doing something unlike anything I’ve ever done before…for no reason other than he gives me plenty to write about. You, Ann, said you never read the article you are commenting on…yet you wholeheartedly endorse the comments of someone else. Are we really reduced to taking everything other people say (people whose beliefs align with our own that is) at face value? Of course we are…and it is demonstrated by the number of people who continue to support Kevin and most of all by the people who used to support him who now come forward with guilt that they didn’t question him sooner. Years have been wasted by many of these people who blindly followed him without discernment and it has caused great pain. The worst of it is the pain suffered by those victims of the IRS (Indian Residential Schools) who Kevin befriended and gained their trust only to be abused by him too. He has no welcome left with Native people here…to them he is another Wachichu (fat eater), and to them is no different than the abusing priests who invaded their homes and took their children away. Just as a tree is known by it’s fruit, so is Kevin Annett’s reputation, and while he claims to have done (and seems to be doing) great things….be patient and watch and see how it all plays out. The truth one day will all be revealed and truth is truth….pure and simple.

    • Re: the source of your funding. I don’t think either bumpercrop or I raised that question. At least I can’t find where either of us did! The article that I did NOT read was the one about 23-year-olds, not anything having to do with Kevin Annett.

      • My apologies Ann…. I took that out of context….and yes bumpercrop did allude to where I get my funding to write about KA. However, I understand where the comment comes from and we are seeking to understand each others position.

    • bumpercrop says:

      Dear Heather, Thank you for your response. There is indeed, a great deal of unresolved grief, shared by far too many, from the damages done by the Catholic Christian, religion, which is based on the Abrahamic pantheon WAR god of Yahweh.
      So much grief, against so many innocents and for over 2000 years, and counting.
      The truth is, the first that many ever hear of the abuse and murder of the Canadian school for indigenous children, came from the publicity generated by Kevin Annette.
      Like I said in my post, he might be a psychopath, but he is our psychopath. Heaven knows that the Catholic Vatican has plenty of their own, working hard, every day and night, to keep humanity, and thus the Earth herself, enslaved.
      Lies do beget lies, that is true.
      In your post, you mentioned that when you met Kevin Annett, you were ” pursuing a side career in activism” you also stated that, “I was already a blogger on other issues such as Canadian Politics, Gardasil and geoengineering,” Those are wonderfully noble and vastly important pursuits, and very much needed in our world.
      My question is this, why is the pursuit of Kevin Annett more important than placing your energy into those worthy actions? What has Kevin Annett done, briefly and specifically, that compels you to pursue him so doggedly?

      • Dear bumpercrop,
        Thank you for your reply. I disagree with your statement about Kevin Annett being ‘your psychopath’. Two wrongs don’t make a right…and his ‘truth’ peppered with lies does not make him righteous. The answer to your question as to why I write about Kevin is this: The truth movement is beset on all sides by infiltrators, disinfo agents and gatekeepers. I believe Kevin is such a person. His goal and purpose is not to bring the crimes of the Vatican to light or to end the suffering of victims. Kevin actually subverts the groups that have the greatest potential to affect real change in the world. He creates the snare that gets people arrested…shames the smart group leaders who begin to question his behavior and discredits their groups in the process.. ACCAW (Anti-Catholic Church Activists Worldwide) a grassroots organization was making real headway in confronting local Bishops in Ireland. Then they hooked up with Annett. Soon they were busy doing things he wanted them to do…and paying his way to Ireland only to politely hand ‘notices’ to the Bishopric. This is a man who was within a handshake of a Bishop of the Catholic Church in Ireland and he did nothing!!!! Within the year he had turned the entire ACCAW group into ‘paid agents’ and ‘bribe takers’ and accused them of working with Duiarmid Martin. Now, Kevin has admitted to actively working with people inside the Vatican…how do you think he achieved this? Could you or I do such a thing? Similarly, when Native people in this country were rallying and successfully starting to take their claims to courts in this country, Kevin infiltrated those groups and began taking control of the work they were doing and when they protested he slandered them in their communities and discredited them. So when you ask why I am compelled to ‘pursue him so doggedly’, I ask why more people have not.

  6. bumpercrop says:

    “So when you ask why I am compelled to “pursue doggedly”, I ask why more people have not”
    Here is why not. The following quote is from web site “The Global Digest” December 11, 2012.
    “As John Deegan and the ITCCS said this week to Damian O’Reilly and his church bosses, the Vatican must do two simple things if it wants to avoid ongoing occupations: defrock all present and future child raping priests, and those who protect them; and make every clergy and church officer, from Pope Benedict on down, take a public, binding oath to protect children from predators and expose those who harm the innocent, even if doing so contradicts and defies church laws and customs.”
    This is the image that most people have when reading or hearing of the work of Kevin Annett. The image is one of a courageous and sincere human being, speaking truth to power.
    This is from Rense, although dated 2008
    The following information is from a more recent posting on Annett from the web site:
    2012 What;s The Real Truth (May 30, 2014)

    I have read several blog sites that now denounce Kevin Annett. The most convincing information denouncing Kevin Annett, came from the blog cite genuiNEWitty
    So now the populace has 2 opposing views concerning Kevin Annett. This is disconcerting information. It is quite possible that Annett is indeed a genuine psychopath, taking advantage of the truth movement, and manipulating genuine activists for his own ego. Although he has helped bring the issue of pedophilia and egregious abuse of children and indigenous people,by the institution of the Catholic Church, into the forefront of public consciousness, he could very well be an interloper of destruction. Is he insane or is he truly controlled opposition? Or is he a person who believes so strongly in a cause, that he believes the ends justify the means? My main concern is for the genuine activists who work hard to end abuse of children by systemic practices of the Catholic Church.,and of course for the people who have been hurt by the Catholic Church.
    This is another reminder for those of us who are sincere in our desire to know as much truth as possible. In order to help restore a sane and healthier world for all, the lies must be revealed.
    However, we must think for ourselves and do our own research.
    In our enthusiasm for full disclosure, we must be cognizant of possible manipulations within the truth movement, Unfortunately, we must remain vigilant for those who would do us harm. Thanks for taking the time, Heather, to present a different view on Kevin Annett.

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