CARTOON: Neo-Con Reunion Tour. Yaaaay!

Hey hey! This is even more exciting than the Green Peace blimp over the NSA data center in Utah! Let’s get those funny bones hummin’! Kill ’em with kooky kindness. You think I’m kidding?

I’m NOT. Creative, jaw-dropping humor is much more powerful than anything they’ve got. In fact, it kind of renders all their stupid attempts at controlling us moot. We laugh at them. We simply laugh at them. We pull back the curtain and laugh at them. If enough of us adopt this insouciant, absurdist attitude, their faux penile “power” fizzles. They may get it up, but they can’t keep it up when we’re laughing at how tiny, how puerile, how pubescent these so-called “alpha male” penises of the .001%, whether they ejaculate bombs or missiles or drones or guns, or any other “scary” boys’ toys they keep sticking in our grinning faces to make us behave.

Cartoon: Neocon Reunion Tour

by Mark Fiore

June 27, 2014

They’re baaack! The neocon buffoons who got us into the mess in Iraq are making the rounds on cable news and other news outlets, playing the part of foreign policy experts once again. These guys should still be hiding under rocks and banned from ever holding forth on any foreign policy matters, let alone spouting off about Iraq.
If people are so up in arms about Bowe Bergdahl walking away from his post in Afghanistan, why aren’t they throwing fits about the reemergence of policy “wonks” who directly contributed to the deaths of 4,500 US service men and women? (Not to mention the tens of thousands wounded and hundred-plus thousand Iraqis who died.)

But you’ve heard that all before … which is why it’s so maddening these neocons are trying to get back in the public eye and babble on about the deteriorating situation in Iraq. If only Dick Cheney and his pals would abandon their neocon posts and wander off into the mountains. Enjoy the cartoon, catch the summer tour and share this with your friends. More links to interesting news stories, as usual, can be found here.

This summer, rock it like we did before.

Another earth-shattering event for the ages . . .

The Neocon Reunion Tour tour, tour, tour

Come I-Rock to the biggest Neocon stars of yesterday.

The boys are back in town.

With headliner, Dick Cheney. Keith Richards of the Neocons is somehow still alive and I-Rockin’ it.

Come see the bad-boy playing hits from his seminal album, “Greeted as Liberators.”

Also back is Paul Wolfowitz– one of the most I-Rockin’ Neocons there is.

Who can forget his I-rock hit, “Finance It’s Own Reconstruction,” and his September eleventh tribute song, “Why Not . . . I-Rock!”

The Neocon Reunion Tour also brings you . . .

Doug Feith and the Postwar Planners, with their breakout single, “You Say Osama, I Say Sadddam!”

L. Paul Bremer . . . “The Viceroy” is back and I-rockin’ it with, “These Boots Are Made for De-Baathification.”

And from Neocon supergroup “Project for a New American Century . . .”

Kristol and Kagan are back after selling over a trillion dollars in war, war, war.

Kristol and Kagan, over and over.

The Neocon Reunion Tour, also playing . . .

David Frum and the Destroyers, Richard Perle, John Bolton and the Shockin’ Awes, Marc Thiessen, Liz Cheney and the Demon Seeds, even Ahmed Chalabi.

It’ll be one hot summer to I-Rock it with the Neocons!

Catch them at the Wall Street Journal Arena, CNN, Fox News Speedway, MSNBC, and Internet Ampitheaters everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.



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