Allan L. Roland, on the loving state of soul consciousness that exists beyond space and time and death

Allan L. Roland brings the heart to Veterans Today, as well as to veterans, who come to him for counseling. This is just an example of the kinds of stories he places there.

My own introduction to The Field of Love was gifted to me by my husband Jeff, within a few months of his death from a heart attack, in early 2003. I woke up in the middle of the night, to feel his presence blending with mine, in what I can only describe as a sweet thick vibration of love that extended inward and outward forever, a love so powerful and intimate that, frankly, it felt almost embarrassing! Needless to say, it took me a while to get used to it.

It’s that same invisible, palpable field that we enter, for the briefest of nanoseconds, whenever we commune eye to eye, soul to soul with any human being, any animal, the essence of any plant, tree, rock . . . with Our Mother Earth herself, the sky above and beyond, all of it, all of it, alive and aware, this vast, throbbing, heart — of being.

And speaking of “death,” I heard a wonderful story the other day, about the ease in dying of a relative of a relative of mine. She was attending her father’s dying process. He had been in in hospital, and then they were able to bring him home from his assisted living facility. As his daughter sat there by his side, she suggested that it was okay for him to let go.

And with that, “He apparently sat up in his bed, looked at her, laid back down, took two deep breaths and then took his last.”

Death is an Illusion Measured by the Limits of our Consciousness

June 27, 2014

by Allen L. Roland



The Center of Convergence in a Near-Death Experience

The very fabric of our present day reality is being torn away by the far greater reality of another state of consciousness that exists beyond death and most certainly beyond ego consciousness and whose principle property is love, altruism and the urge to unite ~ and now it has been apparently scientifically demonstrated as reported by BBC:

A BBC film suggests the reality of a loving state of soul consciousness — that exists beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and most certainly beyond clinical death. My own after death experience with my mother in 1987 ( see article ) and my twin brother in 2013 ( see article ) as well as 40 years of tapping into that all unifying energy as a heart centered counselor and now consultant adds further proof to the existence of this state of soul consciousness that lies beyond time and space.

Also note how virtually all those people who have had a near death experience feel a profound need to be in service and claim their part, however minor, in a loving plan in action.



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