Please welcome Julia, our Exopermaculture Reporter at the Secret Space Program Conference

Julia, with her kids, Hailey and Alex, all grown up!

Julia, with her kids, Hailey and Jake, all grown up!

Julia Jackson, who used to be one of my Green Acres neighbors, and then (sob!) moved to the Bay Area, has agreed to be our reporter on the scene at this weekend’s extraordinary San Mateo conference. She will even sport an Exopermaculture Press Pass!

Here’s her first post, or maybe we should call it a pre-post?

“As I sit amongst the numerous unpacked boxes from my recent move from Emeryville, CA to the Richmond, CA area, I’m a bit apprehensive and nervous about my credentials to report from the upcoming Secret Space Program conference this weekend in San Mateo. Why am I nervous? I’m nervous because the speaker list is filled with stellar intellectuals who have dedicated their lives to exposing what is being hidden from humanity. But I’m also excited and grateful that I live so close to this event to attend and that I’m also representing and my dear friend Ann. Please stay tuned…”

With her probing, investigative Scorpio Sun and exploratory far-seeing Sagittarian Ascendant, Julia will no doubt bring back tales both hidden and marvelous. Thanks Julia! And welcome aboard our exopermaculture rocket ship to Inner and Outer Space.


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