Last night my late husband Jeffrey visited me in a dream


Last night I awakened from a startling dream in which my late husband Jeffrey was palpably present, and speaking. Startling because this is the first time I’ve felt or seen him with me in dreamland for many years (he died in early 2003, see This Vast Being).

Jeff had many aspects to his character. Don’t we all? The one that attracted and held me for those 12 years was his large, vast self, his essence, peeking out through his various, and often conflicted, identities. Being a naturally suspicious and proud Leo/Scorpio, he only rarely allowed pesky me to see/feel that expansive, serene, magnanimous presence, that soul, what fueled both his massive, nearly overwhelming intelligence and his mostly Jewish neurotic foibles.

And here’s what that large self said, last night, or rather, what that self intoned:

“There will be a massive flow of people in coming years. Uprooted people, on the move.”

To my telepathic response, “Well, I know that, it’s happening already elsewhere,” he replied,

“In the United States.”

As I lay in bed, feeling my way back into the dream, I was reminded of why, soon after we moved to Bloomington Indiana from Jackson Wyoming for him to go to law school — and then he died of a heart attack (in early 2003, after one semester), during that first year alone I was feverishly buying blankets, temporary mattresses, and pillows. I kept seeing this house as full of people who needed a place to rest, people on the move.

Last night’s dream felt as if he was wanting to remind me, prepare me.


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  1. Thanks for posting dreams Ann. I plan to join you in this effort when my dream relates to our collective interest as the one you posted and hope others do the same with you.

    Every spiritual belief system I currently know seems to impart respect for dreams.

  2. laurabruno says:

    I have this same sense — that our area will become a refuge. In fact, I had 6 straight months of dreams telling me to move to Northern Indiana way back in 2009. Doing so involved a divorce and moving to Chicago from Sonoma County, then to Madison, only to find what I can only call Fate push me right into Northern Indiana just before 12/21/12. I dearly miss the beautiful areas I used to live on the West Coast and Southwest, but I know that this is the right place for now.The dreams prepared me. Thanks for posting your dream. It’s sobering to know others are getting the same message, but also good to know that people are listening.

  3. Chenue Gill says:

    Hi Ann, it has been three years plus since I lost my beloved Barry. I have met a man who is a retired economy Prof and we are moving to Costa Rica for many reasons not the least of which is the belief that there will soon be tremendous upheaval in this country. I go to make a place for my children and grandchildren if that is possible. At first I could not believe this future but I am a fast convert to the disruption that will and must take place. I do hope the mid-west can be a refuge for those that need it. I am worried about the 3,000,000 or so guns now everywhere but hope spirit can somehow prevail. I am comforted to know Jeff is still with you and watching over you. Chenue

  4. Received strong confirmation of this truth. Also received that it will be mostly from the coastal regions.

  5. mike0v says:

    Dr. K.,

    Smart guy, Jeffrey. Millions of people in the US are gonna be on the move. Those who live along the Mississippi River will be some of the first needing to relocate.

    You’ve probably read this somewhere else already, but you’re getting entangled in the higher energies flowing down on us and experiencing their effect on our dreams. Everyone in the awakened spiritual community is having lucid and conscious dreams.

    I think it’s wonderful that Jeffrey came to you with this information. I hope he visits you again.

    There is an enormous amount of activity in the skies above us, Ann. All of it is in preparation for the repaired timelines to converge in mid-July. From mid-July onward, our timelines will no longer be under dark control. This will be the trigger for enormous Earth changes.

    It’s almost time…


  6. I, too, have had very strong dreams of logistics, movement, and connections with people from other parts of the country, especially coastal areas – very strong dream about a soul partner in Hilton Head reappearing in my part of the world. My husband and I have always seen our ranch as a retreat/refuge/place of rest and rejuvenation, and we have lots of space for others here. Just the intensity of the weather lately has felt like a major part of upheaval – we are certainly experiencing a whole new level of storms that are smashingly turbulent. I feel like the whole planet is shaking, just like our horses do when they are overwhelmed by the flies.

  7. Mitch says:

    I’m well aware Mike Adams the ‘Health Ranger’ of Naturalnews can sometimes be more like the ‘Health Nazi’ in his fear mongering posts however while reading this, your late husbands words, this post came into my intuition, if not due to civil unrest, war or radiation, this situation is inevitable, even if we have a mini ice age, millions will be on the move

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