Michael Jackson: They don't really care about us.

Uploaded 2009.

Via Janet again, who adds:

Michael Jackson was murdered five years ago yesterday.

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  1. rose day says:

    …easy to understand how Michael Jackson’s ‘truth’ is anathema to a controller mentality and how the dissolution of ‘civil’ (as in being treated with civility) rights has crept upwards into what was
    formerly ‘middle-class’ America.

    To quote a dear friend who ‘pulled herself up’ (via cast-off, lace-less boots) and shared with grace
    and compassion…”sadly, now an entirely new segment of humanity knows what it feels like to be
    treated inhumanely”.

    Ann, for the sake of future generations, I feel compelled to hold ever tighter to the vision of world-wide evolution wherein mankind begins to ‘think’ with the heart.

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