New from my UFO buddy, Joan Bird: Damanhur! — and more

I continue to be envious of Joan’s far-reaching travels. She’s doing what I would do, were I not so “tied to the Earth,” via the GANG garden, the GANE project, and other possible templates to help seed the future of human living on this glorious, conscious, loving Earth Mother that we, for the most part, continue to take for granted, ignore, and/or descecrate. Which reminds me of a recent post by Cameron Day, on our need to ground ourselves. Good idea!

Ungrounded energy: a widespread issue

Joan has visited crop circles in England, John Mack in Boston (when he was still living), and now, this time, Damanhur in Italy, a place I have longed to experience myself. Plus Steiner headquarters in Switzerland!

Here’s Joan’s latest message to her UFO list.

UFO List – Just heard that Project Camelot is going to broadcast a live roundtable with Sandy Corcoran, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright and Denise David Williams talking about John Mack, his legacy, and the upcoming movie.

Broadacst time is tomorrow, Thurs, June 26 at 5pm EST (3 pm MST and 2 pm PST.)

These women are all amazing and highly intuitive, and it should be a very interesting broadcast. Project Camelot is an great resource for interviews with UFO witnesses and many whistle blowers. Lots of info on that site.

Many of you in Helena remember Sandy Corcoran from when she was living in Helena and hanging out with her sister Deb who owns the No Sweat. Sandy now has a booming practice in Boston, and an update of her book, Between the Dark and the Daylight, has just been published by Bear & Company under the title Shamanic Awakening: My Journey Between the Dark and the Daylight.
Damanhur and the Goetheanum


Temples of Humankind, carved into a mountain, Damanhur, Italy.

Also, for those of you in Helena, Max and I will be doing a “Noetic Travelogue this coming Sunday, June 29, 1 – 2 pm at the Law Library in the St. John Building. We feel so blessed to have had this experience and want to share some parts of it that we think many others would find interesting.

On our recent trip to Europe we visited Rudolph Steiner headquarters at the “Goetheanum” in Switzerland and we also visited the Damanhur intentional community in Italy. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Damanhur was because I was told years ago they were researching advanced ET technologies. Although we found they are somewhat circumspect in what they will say about the ET subject, they do offer a course as part of their Mystery School called “Alien Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History” both at their home site in Italy and also at a recently opened school in Boulder, Colorado. <>

Here’s what they say in the course description:

The adventure of human beings in the universe is much older than what is normally told: the succession of ancient alien and extraterrestrail colonies and their cultural and territorial influence is the origin of the different evolutionary strands of human seeds on Earth. In this interpretative key of reality there are many of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves. During the course we will focus on the classic themes of this research.

What does seem to be the case is that the Damanhurians are working with extra-dimensional beings rather than extraterrestrial.

If you don’t live in Helena or are unable to attend, you can visit the extensive and informative Damanhur website <>

“Damanhur is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values, awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future. Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit Damanhur to experience its social model, study its philosophy and meditate in its Temples, a large contemporary cathedral built by hand inside a mountain.

There is a special website for their “Temple of Humanity” <>

And you can even do a virtual tour of their “Temple of Humankind” <>

Any connection between Rudolph Steiner and UFOs is certainly not part of his primary message or modern influences which include Biodynamic Farming and Waldorf Schools, however, Brad Steiger wrote an essay called “Rudolph Steiner and the Legacy of the Star Gods,” which is on the Jeff Rense website and is pretty interesting.


Hope to see a few of you on Sunday.

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0 Responses to New from my UFO buddy, Joan Bird: Damanhur! — and more

  1. Mitch says:

    soooo, was this a delayed April fools comedy piece? First, a great piece by Cameron on staying grounded followed by a head scratching piece about aliens, project camelot, the intentional community of Damanhur visited by someone named Joan who never talks about her trip there and then on a dime pivots into an event in Helena, MT somehow connected to Rudolf Stenier and aliens, whoa, that was a ride into unmoored literary bizarreness, is this a bit of kismet as Joan sounds exactly like of the folks Cameron mentions on being ungrounded, please know, this isn’t a criticism of the always stellar work you do Ann but this one is just so funny!

    • What an astute comment! And yes, I’d say that there is a constant sway within myself between staying grounded (Taurus Moon) and flying off to the stars (Sagittarius Sun/Ascendant/Mars), and that this dynamic got triggered when I saw Joan’s latest missive to her UFO list. (I doubt most of my readers realize just how apt the tagline for this site: “Bridging/Blending Above and Below”.) Joan and I have attended a number of UFO Congresses together, and if you search this site for her full name, you’ll see some of her traces. Plus, I reviewed her recent book, UFOs in Montana ( As for Joan. Is she ungrounded. Well, after all, her last name is “Bird”!

      Meanwhile, I thought that posting her message might provoke some folks into further exploration of Damanhur, Steiner, etc.

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