Veterans Today: Soft disclosure?

I like the way Lance, aka “Zany Mystic” talks about this article, which I did not repost, due to exactly the possible weirdnesses that Lance describes. But he’s right, the story does, all in all, feel like more soft disclosure.

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Alien Agenda IV: Alien ultimatum or final warning?


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  1. Sounds great, I would like that to be truth, but we are forgetting the laws of the Universe, free will, interference with free will and changing timelines. I am a firm believer of non-interference, those entities that do try to interfere are not respectful of the laws. What is the point is coming down here, going through all this crap only for some entities to come and interfere? These are questions we all need to be asking before trying to “decide” whether this is credible news. Also, I don’t trust intel that is “Secretive” and cannot be told to us dumb humans as if we are unable to deal with truth. How do we make better decisions in our lives if we can’t be trusted to know certain things? I do believe that we will get assistance, but we have to do our part first and that is getting rid of our control masters and dissolving this control matrix. Nothing is for free, secrets are not truth, holding back information is dishonest. If you got something, get it out, give it to us, we deserve to know everything. How do we or how can we react or move into action if information is being withheld from us? Just my thoughts.

    • Good thoughts! I get exasperated with “lightworkers” who sit around waiting to be saved by ETs.

      C’mon folks, let’s us BE the change! And there’s a hell of a lot to DO now and in the near future. What is your passion? Follow it. Your specific passion is what the universe needs from you. Otherwise, there’s a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be . . .

  2. This is the whole “illusion” of the New Cage Movement. Just breath deep, center yourself and everything will be fine, we will come and save you. The Cabal orchestrated this new Religion using the right brain programming to keep people in the “inaction” phase, and use feelings and emotions to make them feel they are special just because they can transcend their higher selves. That’s bullshit, and the truth is that WE are the ones that WE are waiting for. I am not against all of the above, but it’s not the way/path to our freedom. It’s the light workers that are slowing us down by doing nothing. Sorry, but that’s how I feel and that’s how a lot of us that once did belong to the New Cage Movement have now grown out of it and see what is really going on. It’s about personal growth yes, but it’s also about acting upon our desires. We all desire the same: Love, happiness, peace, prosperity, health. But it doesn’t come by itself, it takes a lot of work, lot of dedication and commitment, it takes all of us TOGETHER on this, we have a long way to go, but I am hopeful. I live in a country where God is everything, where whatever can be wrong or go wrong is blamed on God. Nobody knows how to take responsibility for their actions because they have been brainwashed into believing that if they pray and go to church God will give them when he feels they deserve it. Sad, very sad, but I’m here and I’m doing the work of enlightening as many as my fellow countrymen as I can.

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