Is "Civilization" just a game? Three time-lapse maps put current "territorial disputes" in perspective.

As usual, we humans are fighting over sore, bleeding patches of our Mother Earth’s skin. So, to shake things up on another seemingly glorious early summer day when the birds are singing and Mars exactly opposes Uranus, let’s conduct an exercise in relativity.


Watch as 1000 years of European borders change

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan, etc.

Imperial History

While we’re at it, while we’re stirring our “normal,” controlled, “steady-state” mental frame that freaks out every time borders change (including our own), check this out:

World Battleground: 1000 years of war in five minutes

Notice that, according to the first and third time-lapse videos, most border changes and most wars seem to be European. Re: wars — a few in the Far East, a few in South America and North America (since about 1500, due to arrival of Europeans?), and then, increasingly, flashes in the Mid-East. Plus, by far, the flashes got bigger and faster during the 20th century. But then when was the third video made? And how would one depict Empire’s endless occupation everywhere in the 21st Century?

It would be great if somebody would create a time-lapse video of the American (actually, Transnational, actually Corporate — oops! Nope! Now, according to Ellen Brown, it’s the Bankster) Empire, and its insidious spread since World War II, via above and underground bases, special forces ops, drills, ET/human collaboration and space wars, mind-control experiments, surveillance technologies, not to mention short and long wars, increasing numbers of (no obvious) false flags, drone kills, etc. etc. The whole world might look like one unending flash if we took a time-laps now. Just as it would if the idiots succeed in igniting nuclear World War III.

Which it won’t. We won’t let them.

Soft power (meditation, awareness of Presence, the frequency of Love), when ubiquitous and invislble, dissolves borders, melts hard power. (See my dream.)

Hmmm. In searching for an American Empire time-lapse video I came across this interesting post, from 2010.

Screenshot 2014-06-24 09.08.29

Yep, once again, time for Bill Hicks.


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