Uranus square Pluto 2014, the “crux pitch”: a new kind of “shock and awe”

image: www.summitpost.org/crux-pitch/506125

image: www.summitpost.org/crux-pitch/506125


Crux Pitch, a climbing term: the most difficult part of the climb.

We are now about to head into the second half of 2014, laboriously (and for the PTB, begrudgingly) inching up the dizzying “crux pitch” stage of the r/evolutionary Uranus square Pluto configuration (2012-2015), during which years the infrastructure that undergirds human communication, commerce, and community is to be dismantled and rebuilt again, possibly from scratch.

It may look terrible, even terrifying but it’s actually necessary — and has been in the works since Uranus conjuncted Pluto way back in the late ’60s (1964-1969), when a rare (every 160 years, the last one during the Civil War) conjunction of these long-cycled planets sounded a new, exciting, rebellious, and ultimately traumatic, discordant tone in the zeitgeist.

What started back then, reaches its first turning point now (2012-2015), with the opening square (90°). What started back then, begins to come out of the closet, so to speak, to cross the horizon, and head into the heavens. In short, to become conscious. No longer can the ravenous American Corporate Empire be kept under the rug, out of sight, silently and self-righteously, hypocritically overrunning the entire world to serve its own selfish interests. Independent Uranus (in revolutionary, impatient Aries) explodes the old structures; Pluto, ruler of the life force itself, but now going through stodgy, traditional Capricorn, first tries to hold on to the old structures, and then when they no longer serve, kills them off to prepare for new life.

Here are two posts that point to the current, slow-rolling detonation of old economic/militaristic structures of Empire.

Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad

132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System

BTS: You might want to keep track of zerohedge and washingtonsblog, both of which offer commentary re: these Uranus/Pluto matters (though they wouldn’t call them that!). The former (lots, each day) appear pithy and pointed and/or way too technical for me; the latter (one a day, approximately), more extended and reflective.

Here’s washingtonsblog, today’s piece on how Empire has created “peace” and “democracy” around the world. NOT!

How America is Bringing Peace and Democracy to the World




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  1. Mark Passio’s message to the ‘higher brain’ of all military and police [also applies to intelligence officers] and how we can help http://youtu.be/_gWCajGSwpY

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