Slow(ing) Life (Down) Department: street art and “human walking program”

As we eagerly await the promised large cut-out of an “eco-warrior” to place outside one of our houses that border the GANG garden (made by Harmony School students, due in one week); as I and other neighbors await a meeting with one of our city councilmen and other city officials to discuss how to best enhance/transform the fiercely graffitied pedestrian underpass nearby and its surround into beauty and a commons we will be drawn to, I come across this wonderful post, sent by my fabulous permacultural niece Corrine:

28 pieces of street art that cleverly interact with their surroundings


Think about it. In this great work to shift from centrifugal to centripedal motion, spiralling in rather than out, getting to know each other right here and now rather than always lifting off — to where the grass (we hope) will be greener, and the people more “like-minded,” the “jobs” more lucrative, etc. etc. — then whatever we do to slow ourselves down is good. To slow life down. To slow our minds down. To allow ourselves to open, open.

Speaking of which, check out this, from New York City, a human-walking program, led by, of course, our loving gurus who teach us “how to stay present,” those furry beings who are always utterly thrilled to encounter sounds and sights, and especially smells, of whatever! — the dogs!

Remember, “god” is DOG spelled backward, not the other way around.


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