Catherine Austin Fitts: We have to bring transparency to the deep, secret and intricate relationship between UFO and the economy.

Thanks to Jean Haines, I’ve just started to watch this video. . . . And BTW, check out this upcoming conference, starts in ten days.


Catherine Austin Fitts, from this video:

“If we want to understand the economy, we have to ask and try and answer the question, what in the world are the UFOs? Because when you’ve got a hundred trillion dollars worth of hardware flying around the planet, that is pertinent to what is happening to the manufacturing base of the planet. We need to bring transparency for the black budget and for the UFO phenomenon.”

“The difference between me and the folks who believe in collapse, is, what is the technology and the military and intelligence capability standing behind the dollar and the central management of the global economy? I’ve spent a lot more time looking at and dealing with the covert side of that world, and that gives me a picture of an infrastructure that’s far more capable of managing things than a lot of other financial commentators believe. The difference between me and folks who believe in collapse is I have a lot more concern about the black budget world and what it can do. The people who believe in collapse are, in a certain sense, more optimistic than me.”

“The whole economy is being organized to maintain that secrecy and keep that economy going. And that’s why it’s so important to bring transparency to the question in a serious financial way.”

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