ISIS Iraq: In the War Industry, timing is everything

Remember, corporate weapons manufacturers research, develop and sell weapons systems so that they may be used, replaced and/or upgraded, by any and all sides in any war, forever, all in the name of profit for their CEOs, crony banksters and politicians; disguised, of course, as “patriotism,” designed to jerk compliance.

War IS a racket.

War Industry Stands to Make Billions Off ISIS Threat

June 16, 2014

by Kurt Nimmo



Last month it was announced a few outstanding members of the military-industrial complex would stand to rake in around a billion dollars if an arms sale to the Iraqi government was approved by Congress.

Considering the current situation in Iraq and alarm bells echoing through the halls of Congress, the sale will undoubtedly go through without a hitch.

On Monday posted details of the sale to the floundering Shia regime in Baghdad:

Beechcraft Defense Co. and eight other contractors are selling 24 AT-6C Texan II aircraft, plus spares and other equipment to Iraq. That deal is worth about $790 million. The plane is used for “light attack and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.”

AM General has a deal to send 200 of its venerable Humvees to help guard oil installations. The contract, which includes spares and equipment such as radios and machine gun mounts, is worth $101 million.

Raytheon has a $90-million deal for seven aerostats along with 14 Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Tower systems to be used for command and control by the Iraqi military.

“These are just the latest in a string of sales of military equipment to the Iraqi government. Others have included Stinger missiles, C-130J cargo planes, drones and patrol boats,” the web site reports.


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