How to peel out of the rat race and return home — to yourself. Two clues.

A wonderful, colorful view of the tiny house movement and why it is gaining so much traction:


Sell your crap, pay off your debt, and do what you love! This makes it all possible!

And, if you must “work,” (i.e., still need to “get money”) then for your own sake, take lots of little jobs as an independent contractor, not a slave. First of all, that means you don’t have to do anything for very long at a time, no matter how much it isn’t a good fit for you. And secondly, you’ll learn how to juggle! i.e., get much more creative and free in your thinking, as the universe demonstrates how it rearranges to meet your changing needs.

I figured out that strategy over 40 years ago, when the identity I had been working towards during my 20s as “college teacher”) at 31, just past my first Saturn return, was suddenly pulled out from under me (I was fired for being “too experimental in a California experimental college in 1974!).

Within a few years, I shifted my identity to what had turned into my passion, astrology. I called myself an “astrological consultant and teacher” — but provisionally. I.e., never again have I taken the notion “identity” seriously. I prefer to remain in essence, and use various roles, identities, masks, for fun and play, as evoked by changing circumstances.

So when you do find your passion, please please please, remain an independent contractor or consultant, or work cooperatively with others in a group. Don’t get suckered into the competitive corporate hierarchy trap ever again! Okay? It’s not worth it. It sucks out your soul.

The way to “beat the system” is to leave it behind. Simply, step aside. You’ll be amazed at how life opens.

The Austerity Dairies: If you don’t have a job, then make one up!



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