The late Dr. John Mack, who studied, and wrote about human/ET interface

I’ve been chewing on two books. One, pressed into my hands by permaculturist Keith Johnson, is supposedly fiction, All of the Above, by Timothy Scott Bennett, a long, fascinating look at the intricacies of especially the psychology, sociology and politics of multidimensional “contact” with both selfish and benevolent ETS (I’m 1/3 through, and will report further when done); and the other, Discerning Alien Disinformation, a short, pithy, compressed perspective by an amazing young man, “Montalk,” on the subtle, complex epistemological stance needed when considering how to discern differences between “alien” info and disinfo. Here’s the first chapter to the book.

Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part I

Meanwhile, here’s an article by an author who apparently, has just now heard about the famed Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, who almost lost his position and reputation due to a transformation in his attitude toward the ET contactees with whom he conducted (at first, secret) sessions. (BTWL “Contactees according to Montalk, are to be distinguished from “abductees” because contactees, but not abductees, are willing subjects for ET/human interface.)

Here’s her article, with videos. Note scary title. The videos themselves are fascinating. The first is the story about what Mack went through when he realized that the people to whom he was speaking were not “crazy” and wrote a book about it, which, of course, deeply embarrassed Harvard University.

Shocking Alien Abduction, Reptilian Research By Harvard Professor (Videos)

June 15, 2014

by Susan Duclos


The Buzzsaw interview clip below is extremely fascinating, especially for those that think that people claiming to have been abducted by aliens are “crazy,” because in this interview with filmmaker Denise David Williams, a Harvard professor, a psychiatrist, pulitzer prize winning author and world renowned scientist and doctor, by the name of John Mack is discussed, and he thought those claiming to be abducted by aliens were “crazy” as well…… until he met them, spoke to them, and evaluated them and discovered they were quite sane.

There began his journey, from African Shamans to suburban housewives, where he discovered they had things in common… the same stories, the same claims and they were very sane.

The clip will be below and for those that find it as fascinating as I did, the full interview will be shown below that.

Via the details of the video below:

Alien abduction and the truth about UFOs and reptilians are discussed with filmmaker Denise David Williams, who explores the life of John Mack–a Harvard professor who devoted his attention to extraterrestrials. The US military, the holographic universe, and the expanded awareness of Alien consciousness is explored in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.


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