Max Igan with John Lamb Lash: on the “archons” and the Sophia Myth

Not in His Image was a seminal (or rather, “ovular”!) book for me. The first time I tried to read it I could not — because I found the notion of the “archons” repugnant and wanted to keep my purist point of view. Then, a year later, the second time I picked it up I couldn’t get enough.

This nearly one-hour interview focuses especially on his rendering of the Sophia myth in which, Lash claims, the whole notion of “archons” — which is coming more and more into the vernacular — needs to be embedded in order to make sense and not go off-track. John Lash Lamb is credited with being the person who introduced the notion of the “archons” to us through his close, scholarly reading of the nearly indecipherable Nag Hammadi scriptures. He claims that his rendering is the only one not skewed by Christian or Jewish religious bias.

A fascinating audio with much to chew on.

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