A message from your stern, loving Mother


Bill Mollison is co-founder of permaculture in Australia.

Think about it.

Instead of

β€” “going shopping” in your bigger than necessary car that uses gasoline to pay “money” for food-like products that have been sprayed, sanitized, preserved, combined with god knows what (arsenic? yoga mats? mercury?) and packaged, meanwhile you’re getting fat from not exercising and feeling weirdly disembodied, constantly inside your damn chattering head all day, then of course, coming home exhausted (by the hours you put in at your meaningless job to get you “money”) and putting all that stuff “away” until you eat it (or forget to eat it until it rots), very likely alone, or disconnected from others also sitting there alone (can’t wait to be done so that they can get back to their screens), most likely absentmindedly, regretting the past or hoping for a different future, and, when done, throwing the packaging “away” into a landfill where it rots and eventually (ten years? a million years?) yes, does become compost for new growth, meanwhile much of it poisoning the land and water and air . . .

you can

β€”walk outside to pick out something from the garden (yesterday I had probably 70% of all three meals from our GANG garden, including strawberries, turnips, diverse greens (lettuces, bok choi, lamb’s quarter, dandelion, spinach), onion scapes, radishes, herbs) which you and others, if you’re community minded, have learned how to grow by using those screens to get youtube videos on how to do this and that and of course talking and sharing and working with others who know more and especially paying attention to Nature and doing what she tells you to do, and meanwhile, your mind is quieting down, your body is growing strong and flexible from all the “hard work” (geez, you threw away your meds! all of ’em!), while feeling more connected to both your soul, and to the soil, your senses have come alive, your connection to all the elements, air, water, earth and fire, deepens and expands daily, the luscious sensuality and fullness of this growing communion so strong, safe, and caring that there are times when you just get dizzy with happiness at the recognition of how you are loved, by She who nourishes us all, this grand Mother Earth who will, no matter what we humans do to her, survive.

It’s we who may not, if we don’t do what she says.

Obey our Mother!

Pick up our room! Put away our toys!

Help her clean house!

Then go play inside her magnificent paradise,

for she is a paradise, that is her Nature,

a conscious, brilliant, powerful, loving presence

that holds us in her embrace

even when we’re very very bad.



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3 Responses to A message from your stern, loving Mother

  1. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    So true! I love my Mama. πŸ™‚

  2. bumpercrop says:

    I love you Ann, even though we have never met, and most likely, never will.
    Thanks for making me laugh amidst the sorrow. You are strong, creative, intuitive and deeply loving.

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