Ongoing-Wars Department: Charlie McGrath and Zen Gardner, on ISIS Iraq


Remember, folks, we’re just pretending that the round Earth is divided into parts, called “nation states” — and fighting over and for them.

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As for the intricacies of “the (coming? ongoing? multi-layered) fog of war” that fuels the U.S. Defense Department (including Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) and behind them, the banksters and weapons manufacturers (and reptilian overlords?), of course I don’t understand. Does anyone, really? Ever?

In Ukraine, supposedly THE geopolitical hot spot due to its underground riches, its rich farm land, its lynchpin position edging East and West —all the various factions, whether real or pretended, imported or native, plus their various supporters and suppliers whether real or imagined, out front or behind the scenes, aaah! So easy to throw up the hands and give up trying to “figure it out.”

And especially concerning any geopolitical and/or historical analysis of the once-again- just-risen-to-the-surface cauldron in the Mideast, no matter how complex or nuanced, I ask: Can anyone ever go back to the beginning, and not need to go even further back?

I do know, however, that both the powerful emotion expressed in this Charlie McGrath video and Zen Gardner’s perspective on the symbolism of ISIS speak to me, loud and clear.

The ISIS Ploy: Illuminati Sorcery and Sacrifice


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