Weekend “break” (down, out, through)

I’m feeling a decided need to get off all screens for awhile. Possibly all day. Possibly the entire weekend. Why? I’m getting dizzy and numb with all the words and images, the staticky inner state. Need to calm down, ground, refocus.

Back to the garden. And to reorganizing my house, and going through all the accumulated paperwork. And playing with puppy Shadow. And walking in the woods of InDiana.

Remember this photo? I put it up at least two years ago. It’s got a faery man’s face in the upper center. See it? I didn’t see him when out walking; his face showed up on the camera. I still didn’t see him, but fellow permaculturist and blogger Laura Bruno did — and contacted me. In fact, you might say that faery man introduced us!


Meanwhile, try this one on for size: do you know the difference between “pre-figurative” and “strategic” politics? I’d never heard these words to describe this distinction. I manage to straddle the two types of action, though much preferring the former, and living mostly that way.

Should we fight the system or be the change?


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  1. Joyce Rabesca says:

    Yes he looks like the green man faery disguised in those white leaves.

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