Why increased warmongering now? Think Mars, and remember its position in April’s volatile Cardinal Grand Cross

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If you’re curious as to why the war-mongering has been accelerating over this past week (Iraq seeks U.S. airstrikes plus Russian “bombers” off California, and god knows what else, I try not to keep track), keep in mind that the massively volatile Grand Cross (Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto, all at 13° of the cardinal signs) during the third week of April (google “Cardinal Grand Cross exopermaculture” and you’ll bring up at least a dozen posts) is now being retriggered by Mars.

Note that today is June 13th . . . That same number, repeats . . .

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(Hmmm. My “soul number” (vowels of given name) adds up to 13. Does that account for why I’m working so hard on this Green Acres project? (The neighborhood association, the neighborhood garden, the neighborhood ecovillage: GANA, GANG, GANE)???) It does feel as if this work is connected to my soul.)

During the week of that Cardinal Grand Cross, Mars, thankfully, as I noted at the time, was traveling retrograde.

Mars then paused, and turned, to go direct, at 9° on May 20, and now, this week, is beginning to cross over that same fateful 13° point, only now in direct motion. Today, it reaches 12°27 Libra, has been exactly squaring Pluto since yesterday, and will exactly oppose Uranus at 15° through about June 25. So this period heading into and beyond the Summer Solstice, 2014, is when the energies that were in play, but simmering and stopped up during the Grand Cross (Mars retrograde) could now explode, or be creatively defused and reconfigured.

Keep in mind also that the Grand Cross directly impacted both Saturn (14° Libra) and the Sun (13° Cancer) in the U.S. Chart. The U.S. “reputation” as hegemonic world organizer, policeman, controller, is being challenged, undermined, ripped apart.

Another important time, given this 13° trigger point inflammed by that Grand Cross: the July 4th weekend and for a few days after, when the Sun in Cancer passes through that 13° point.

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