Positively Tesla-esque! This new move by Elon Musk, to open all its patents to competitors

Image: centerforworklife.com

Image: centerforworklife.com

This is such good news! A real game-changer.

Tesla, already an “industry leader,” now opens a sudden new portal into the sharing, gifting economy that may just jump-start the world just as the petrodollar accelerates its fast crash — or at least the world of electric autos. Now let’s make sure our decentralized (home and community-based) modes of creating/channelling renewable electricity are also jumpstarted . . .

Astonishing, the continuous juxtaposition of terrific and terrible news stories, side by side, flashing in simultaneously, demanding that we choose — to expand (love), or to contract (fear) — over and over and over again; to the point where, sooner or later, yep, we just give up, cut what remains of our desperate ties to memory and matter — which, when we do try to hold on, just jiggle loose and we sail into the ocean of Love holding us all in her motherly arms, whether or not we know it.

Tesla to open source all of its patents — won’t sue anybody for using its technology






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2 Responses to Positively Tesla-esque! This new move by Elon Musk, to open all its patents to competitors

  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    While I admire Tesla Motors for opening up their patents.. what I think we need most immediate is to get passenger rail service back and get us out of our cars.. get us interacting with each other.
    It is both socially and environmentally viable and valuable.

    • Yes, I agree with your feeling about this, except that getting those trains up and running is going to take an enormous coordinated effort over a period of years, and what Musk has done is rev up the engine for innovation, and hopefully, shorter-cycled solutions. But yes, let’s get out of our steel skins and onto our bikes, or our own two legs, or hitchhike, or horses, etc. etc. at least locally we can travel that way, and most of our travel should be local, eh?

      The other thing Tesla has done is to just rev up the sharing economy, as I said, opening it into a wild new area of patents. Will make lots of people used to making passive income off them cringe.

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