History of Gladio False Flag (or is it a masked alien agenda?)

This may be the single most incisive and comprehensive short video (13 minutes) I’ve ever seen on the “false flag” phenomenon, a phrase that is fast entering the vernacular and shoving MSM “news” (Orwellian for “olds” = old programming) into the dustbin of his-story. Designed to make the blood boil, the heart freeze, and the mind either race or get fogged into denial — and then when you add Kerry Cassidy’s title for the video — might this possible gloss on the subject just flip us into another dimension? With no explanation offered, I imagine what she means (and she has an enormous body of whistleblower testimony under her belt) will remain mysterious to most (including myself, but I can certainly guess, and probably correctly . . .).

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Gladio False Flags Psychopathology or Alien Agenda?

June 12, 2014

by Kerry Cassidy


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