Where are we at? What’s going on inside YOU? Your neighbors and friends, relatives?

Image: penusa.org

Image: penusa.org

As of two years ago, I knew at least four people in my large extended people who were already what I consider “awake” — each of them had pursued a long, lonely path in figuring out “what is going on” via internet and other sources, and was grateful to find that they could talk with me. Except for my son Colin (who has been awake many more years than most; in fact he realized what the banksters were up to in 2007, before the financial debacle in 2008, and didn’t want to ruin Christmas by telling us about it), I was amazed to talk one-on-one with the other three, and discover their intense and wide level of awareness.

I wonder how many more of just my own family have awakened during these past two years to the long-standing and deepening perfidy that has turned the American Dream (always an illusion) into the American Nightmare.

Two posts that resonate with me re: “where we are at”:

Mike — Are Americans Apathetic, or Increasingly Awake & Aware

In this first post, I especially appreciate Mike’s recognition that what might look like apathy may actually be shock. Events are moving so fast and furious, with the MSM propaganda machine losing viewers to alternative internet news sites detailing the ways in which “glorious exceptional America” is actually the global villian financed by taxation paid by the 99%, that it’s very difficult for people to absorb it all, much less respond. I mean, how many times, in these past few years, have I said that American military forces occupy more than 1000 bases abroad? (And that’s just the ones we know about.) This remark used to draw blank stares. Would it now?

Also, do read the comments under the above piece, which itself originally started out as a comment on the Shift Frequency site. What Gillian posts is always thought-provoking.

And another piece, from the Zen Gardner site, in which its analysis, in part, dovetails with the first piece.

Echo Down and the Tunnel Men


While some of us are feeling a veritable vibration coming up from below, others are creating a new vibration here on the surface where Humans are supposed to be. The vibration I speak of is not the mechanical sort that rattles the ground and may occasionally boom or pop. This vibration is from the heart. So many of us have moved on from the torment of being ridiculed and criticized for voicing views that ran outside general acceptance. But those critics are becoming fewer and farther between and seem to be vanishing in the wind. Yes, there are still blowhards out there who enjoy being stupid. So be it! The rest of us are moving on.

And the sleepwalkers don’t seem to pay any mind. They really can’t see much past their nose, let alone take in a bigger picture. But this too may soon change. The vibration many of us had created some time ago is coming back as an echo. Literally tens of thousands of people are beginning to sound just as “crazy” as we did. There’s a new vibration and a new awareness brewing and it’s getting bigger and stronger every day.

A.K. again: The point is, always, be aware of the perfidy while forging ahead with the regenerative alternative.



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