Oops! Check it out. Permaculture Design Course SYNDROME

Following on the heels of two posts lauding permaculture, the first, Natural News discovery of an on-line course by Jeff Lawton, and the second a discussion of the virtues and vices of in person vs. on-line Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs), here’s another one, which places both in a larger context.

In part a critique of the “save the world” attitude of many permaculturists (incuding myself), I was especially interested in this post. Why? Because I love love LOVE to have my ideas challenged. In fact, that’s what I always gravitate towards, the edge, folks (itself a permaculture idea . . .), in this case, the edge of my own thinking process.


It’s axiomatic that, unless we continuously wake up to the current horizons of our own assumptions, we are stuck in a limited point of view. All points of view, unless continuously expanding are, by definition, limited! So, folks, let’s each of us stand in the center point of our turning world and penetrate down into the vast reaches of both inner and outer space. There is no limit to what we may learn when we do remove those dang conceptual helmets that serve to ward off blows, limit our perceptions, and, basically, isolate us from the pulsating, alive, conscious, and growing universe.

P.S. If you’re like me, you’ll devour not only the entire post, but the massive extended list of comments. I couldn’t get enough of this joggling of my own thinking process.

Permaculture Design Course Syndrome



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  1. ksense says:

    Good article. The idea that permaculture would “save the world” might be a little over-the-top but it (could) certainly save many, many people. Too many folk believe that food comes from the store and will be in a world of hurt if SHTF. It’s my opinion that we have neither the power to destroy nor save the planet. I always thought that kind of thinking was pretty arrogant. Fortunately, my opinion can’t be proved or disproved….. unless someone wants to demonstrate. Any disagreement would be opinion only 🙂

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