The MSM/USG hype on Ukraine, and why seeing through it matters

Note about the title: by now we all know that MSM is shorthand for “main stream media.” Do we all know that USG refers to U.S. Government?

The old “cold war” mentality that the Cheneyesque neocons who still run this government are desperately trying to reinvigorate would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so ghastly tragic and destructive. How many in U.S. are really going along with the official propaganda on Ukraine? How many in the political class? How many citizens?

Or are we really — still? — only “consumers” now, and so, don’t really care about Ukraine (uuuhhh, let’s see, just where is “Ukraine”?), especially since the political class has been bought off and/or blackmailed, the 001.% is focused on getting yet another new gated home, yacht, private jet or island — and so very many of the rest of us are freaked out by the loss of their consumer “goods,” — home, jobs, toys, etc. and either trying desperately to reclaim them by getting another dead-end wage-slave job, raging at inequity, or giving up in despair.

Notice how, decades ago, the word consumer stealthily stole in to replace citizen as the way to refer to those who live in the U.S? You might check this out: Consumer or Citizen?


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