Meditation on Jupiter in Cancer and Happy Hippo Family

Expansive Jupiter has been traveling through nurturing Cancer since late June 2013. Sounds good, eh? Especially since we live in an age when anything can happen at any moment, suddenly, irrevocably, and leave the whole world changed. In such a deeply disturbing and disturbed environment, it’s only natural to cling to whatever brings us a sense of home, safety and security. Jupiter in Cancer usually provides that opportunity.

However, this particular year-long Jupiter in Cancer family-loving opportunity has, unfortunately, during most of this period, also been creating an intensely frictional T-cross with the ongoing volatile Uranus/Pluto ignition switch that threatens to blow up the whole world (2012-2015) or miraculously regenerate it in a brand new/deeply ancient manner.

So when Jupiter leaves Cancer after its one year sojourn there, on July 17, for lordly, creative Leo, we can expect another frequency to flood the field Hmmm. Will this upcoming 12-month Jupiter in Leo realm signal a time when courageous new leaders step forward? Or even better, when all of us step forward to creatively lead in our own way?

In any case, whenever I’m driven to despair by remembering my own experience in the late ’60s when Uranus and Pluto conjuncted for the first time since the Civil War and started their new cycle of which we are experiencing the “opening Uranus/Pluto square” now; and how, during that period my own little nuclear family blew up; and how that old trauma still festers below the surface and recreates repeating patterns now, I focus on these happy hippos —

who surely know

what really counts.


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