Connecting Dots Department: and dissolving whatever form arises back into the field of love.

This Eric Blair post made me lift an eyebrow. Hmmm. Could it be that we’re now going from so-called “foiled terror attacks” (average one per month since 9/11) to “realized terror attacks” (how many this past week? Las Vegas and a school in Oregon for starters). Now that local police departments are clanking forward with recycled military gear —

War Gear Flows to Police Departments

— might it be that we frogs are being oh so slowly boiled in this gradual ramping up of the police state? The author thinks that the situation will return to “foiled plots.” I wonder. According to the nydailynews, since Sandy Hook, there have been 74 school shootings.


Image: nydailynews


In which case, we can deduce that we have stepped down one more rung on the ladder to hell on Earth.

But you know, all this is so seriously far removed from the world we who choose life are busy building, that I feel we inhabit parallel realities. In other words, while I do notice that other, godawful, paranoid world, I refuse to dwell in it. Rather, I choose to energize the new regenerative, open-sourced, networked, bottom-up, permacultured, etc. etc. reality with all the skills, talents, vision, and heart at my disposal.

“Top down” power is so 20th century, folks. Let’s realize that humanity is going through growing pains in these still early years of the new, 21st century — when we will learn that real, authentic power is primal, that it comes from the Earth and her relations with her cosmic neighbors; that this primal power reconnect us with each other and other Earthlings within a magnificent, living, breathing, conscious planetary home.

Yes. We will learn from Her how to keep everything in balance, in beauty, and flourishing.

Image: NASA, The Blue Marble, first photographed in 1972.

Image: NASA, The Blue Marble, first photographed in 1972.

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  1. bumpercrop says:

    It appears as if, in the cabal’s desperate measures, our youth are being targeted. What better manner than to frighten children and their families.
    Hopefully people will understand what is going on. I am glad I chose not to bring children into
    this dimension. My heart goes out to all children and their families.
    Like all psychopathic bullies, there is no consciousness to be expected within their realms.
    We can rise above this, we shall rise above. Thank you Ann, for bringing this to attention.
    No matter what happens, I am conscious all the time, is my mantra of choice. wisdom.

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