Uranus-square-Pluto Department: Where are we headed? Two Uranus in Aries experiments

Those of us not still brain dead (wanked out on pharmaceuticals, fast food, alcohol, tell-a-lie-vision, politics-as-usual, emotional dramas, scarcity consciousness, MSM “news” (olds), slave wage labor, and other mind-numbing, heart-stopping early 21st century absurdities) know damn full well that an enormous number of extremely provocative experiments are going on worldwide, on both small and larger scales, to create or convert energy — as a largely still invisible, up from under, species-wide response to accelerating imbalances and inequities on our home planet Earth.

After all, Uranus, wildly experimental planet of breakdown/breakout/breakthrough, is in Aries, sign of pioneering new beginnings, 2011-2018. YES! Even the resistance and inertia of plutocratic Pluto in status quo Capricorn (2008-2023) can’t keep Uranus from busting up the systemic global pyramidal petrogunk that has led us to wrack and ruin. Yep, Uranus “square” (90° angle) to Pluto, folks, from 2012-2015. The death of the so-called “New World Order” ushers in a transformation.

Still unknown: whether this transformation will be characterized by our progeny (assuming climate change doesn’t result in extinction) as:

1) an even more centralized economic and ideological global order (police state); or

2) Mad Max, zombie apocalypse, etc. etc., just look at all the horror movies, if you want to be and stay “scared” (BTW: transpose the “c” and the “a” and scared turns into SACRED); or

3) a completely decentralized (chaos? anarchy? or just the way Nature does it — self-organized, self-sustaining, self-sustaining, regenerative) so called “wilderness;” or

3) one where pockets of individual, neighborhood, and community-based DIY decentralization, including decentralized energy creation and conversion, exist alongside, or even underneath clanking police state centralization — hmmmm, kinda the way it is now, and growing, busting out its edges both inner and outer, networking, connecting, all our little and growing pockets, like mycellium. Ultimately, maybe Marx was right, and the “state” will eventually just “wither away.”

Here are two wildly interesting examples of Uranus in Aries experimentation, just in, the first, from PESN, highly technical —

140522_Blacklight-sparking_rdBlackLight’s Second Test of Automated Ignition System of Auger-Fed H2O-Based Solid Fuel Powder




— and the second, from consciouslifenews, wonderfully simple and elegant.

Biomimicry Inspired Engineering Genius: Turning Air Into Water









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