Remember playing in the dirt?

Remember pulling the hose over to the dirt and squirting it into mud, making houses, barns, corrals, mountains, castles?

Remember how you used to play outside, barefoot, sun-kissed, all summer long? Jumping ditches, climbing trees, racing, tumbling, cart wheels?

Remember how your time was NOT scheduled, and “team activities” didn’t take up all your free time?

Remember how you laid your wriggling half-bare body on the scratchy grass, remember marveling at how blue the sky above?

Remember how adults trusted you, didn’t watch over you constantly to make sure the boogey-man wasn’t going to get you? You could leave home after breakfast and not return until dinnertime! Or even until dark, since you did call, as required, to say Tammy’s mom invited you to eat dinner with them!

Remember your ecstasy, early morning, with the first bird’s call? Remember dancing to lightning, remember fireflies?

Time to return to the Earth. She will heal us. Only she can heal us.

And oh yeah, it’s true, some of us think that the Masters of the Universe think they are going to somehow yoke the Earth (which they’re trying their damndest to deplete and ruin) and Humanity (which they’re trying their damnest to disappear or dumb down) into a single integrated Matrix under their control — but guess what? It’s not gonna happen. Period.

Via Korrine.


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  1. Brilliant post, thanks…

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