Corbett Interview: The Meaning of Money

I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but I will. This morning I go to the Farmer’s Market to sit at Green Acres Neighborhood Association table at “Blooming Neighborhoods,” our annual gathering of neighborhood associations where we meet and greet, while comparing notes as to what works to increase resilience both within and between neighborhoods in Bloomington. One experiment that we’ve considered, and even tried, a number of years ago, is complementary currency of some kind. Still mulling over alternative ways of creating new possibilities for increasing the number and quality of exchanges between and among us.

One idea about money that HAS, very much. taken off, both here and elsewhere in the U.S., is that of buying local. So many more people do seem to recognize, at this point, that when we purchase what we need from local merchants, our money stays here in the community rather than being siphoned elsewhere by banksters. Even that one change is HUGE!



Interview 897 – Matthew Slater Explores the Meaning of Money

June 4, 2014

James Corbett

Matthew Slater is a currency engineer who designs software for community currency accounting. Working for free and living on hospitality, Slater has spent years exploring the history and function of complementary currencies, time banks, mutual credit and other systems, and the meaning of “money” itself. Today we engage in a wide-ranging conversation exploring mutual credit systems, cryptocurrencies, credit money vs. commodity money, and the communities at the root of the monetary system.


Corbett Report Radio 057 – Solving the Money Problem with Matthew Slater

Credit Currency vs. Commodity Currency

The Lost Science of Money

The Many Meanings of Money


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  1. The meaning of money – In that regard why not throw your spear into the heart of the beast:
    Reform The Federal Reserve Petition

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