Catastrophobia and Hercolubus


I received “scary” posts from three different sources late yesterday and early today, all referencing a heavenly body, “Hercolubus,” which is apparently, due to pass within 14 million miles of Earth on its way to loop around our sun and then back to loop around a “Black Sun” somewhere way out there on its 13,000 year swing between them. This body, which a noted Latin American astronomer, Carl Munoz Ferrara, called a “planet-comet,” because larger than Jupiter and yet with the trajectory of a comet, and which, again according to him, was responsible for the drowning of Atlantis during its last loop through our solar system, is due soon. When? Nobody knows. Or do they?

Notice the predictive programming? The movie Noah especially comes to mind.

“Catastrophobia,” or fear of catastrophe, has been around for a long time. Indeed, I personally was infected with this mental disorder from the time I was two and a half years old — upon hearing the radio voice announcing the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima — until 1997, when a meeting with the goddess Sekhmet in a tiny Egyptian temple on the banks of the Nile woke me from this debilitating trance.

Meeting Sekhmet

603898Barbara Hand Clow wrote an entire book about this phenomenon, arguing that our unconscious collective ancient memory of world-wide catastrophe keeps on threatening to derail us, since what is repressed, as Freud put it, always returns. Who has not finally recognized, at some point, that they have been in a repeating pattern, stuck in acting out an old drama over and over again? It’s when we finally recognize the pattern, that we can finally say “Aha!” — and break it.

According to the Gospel of St. Thomas, Jesus once remarked:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” (71)

So, if we continue to not bring to awareness what is unconsciously still living within us, still scaring the hell out of us, the deep, buried, collective memory of ancient catastrophe, then we could very well unconsciously steer our collective intent to repeat the pattern, bring the catastrophe about, steer that “heavenly body” Hercolobus right where it would do the most damage to Earth.

Still think human consciousness doesn’t affect matter? Read this.

10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical World

What interested me most about the following video (which all the posts I received put up), is the astronomer himself. Who was this uncannily accurate Carlos Munoz Ferrara, who was videotaped in 1999 and then died at 92 in October 2001, the very next month after 9/11? That fact might prove significant. As Laura Bruno notes, 9/11 might have affected the accuracy of his 1999 predictions, since for many, it was the wake-up call as to what’s been going on down on this planet for centuries, and, I’d add, just might result in collective recall of ancient catastrophe.

According to one source, Ferrara’s information was partly scientific, and partly channeled. He

developed the theory of geodynamics, which is based on the attractions of the heavenly bodies, large explosions in the Sun and the cycles of geophysical disturbances. With this method he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate change, he discovered new planets and comets, deciphering their trajectories and other features. He had a special gift: the gift to enter into a trance when he was researching and that, in this state, he wrote and drew what he received, and that it gave him much success as enemies throughout his life.

I’ll conclude this post with a question: What if it’s true? What if Ferrara is right? What if there’s nothing we can do to avoid Hercolubus destruction?

True, or not true, I for one, endeavor to integrate the wisdom of Joanna Macy:

How to prepare internally for WHATEVER comes next.

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  1. bumpercrop says:

    This information was timely for me. Last weekend I was led, early on Sunday morning, in the wee hours, to the brilliant work of an Australian Shaman, Steve Richards. He explains how to allow
    your individual spirit to remove contracts and agreements with past trauma, This information helps us to prepare for whatever comes. As Thaddeus Golas said, “No matter what happens, I am conscious all the time.”
    Thank you Ann, for helping me to get free and stay free.

  2. Michael T. says:

    Not sure if you saw this new one from Cosmic Convergence?

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