Wifi, other EMFs, and Our Health

Since my home does have wifi, I’ve been reluctant to do more than glance at this issue. . . What I’ve done to ground myself so far: of course, never put cell phone to ear and turn off whenever not in use; walk barefoot as much as possible, wear a protective device on my person (unfortunately, can’t remember the name of the company), and distribute orgonite pucks around computer and router and sitting areas, plus one near my head on the bed — the pucks thanks to a Laura Bruno post.

Amazing Orgone

Via Lance.

Here’s Dr. Mercola’s suggestions. Think I’ll next look into the idea of whether I’m sleeping on a bed with metal in it!

Powerful and simple tips to help lower your emf risks


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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I have begun wearing an orgone puck necklace, and boy has it changed my dreams.

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